November 16, 2011 09:01 ET

mediaFORGE Launches Email Retargeting

Leading Online Retargeting Company, mediaFORGE, Offers Email-Initiated Display Retargeting to Deliver Sophisticated Multi-Channel Audience Segmentation for Client Partners

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Nov 16, 2011) - mediaFORGE, a leader in online ad retargeting and innovator of post-engagement attribution technology, today announced it has launched Email-Initiated Display Retargeting, a new product that will give clients increased flexibility to segment audiences and tailor messaging to best meet their retargeting campaign goals.

mediaFORGE has established itself in the online display ad industry as a retargeting leader. Its world-class Site Retargeting is highly effective at re-engaging site abandoners and unmatched in helping clients realize their return on ad spend (ROAS) goals. Adding Email Retargeting enables mediaFORGE to increase these benefits by leveraging its retargeting technology to optimize opportunities provided by this additional marketing channel.

Utilizing the same innovative technology that empowers its world-class Site Retargeting, mediaFORGE Email Retargeting gives advertisers the ability to tailor a dual-channel retargeting campaign to best meet their campaign goals. For example, one mediaFORGE client retargeted email recipients with dynamic display ads to increase their audience during a sales event, while another client excluded email recipients from retargeting to limit the number of marketing channels to which each customer was exposed. Clients can also choose to retarget email recipients with ads featuring uniquely relevant content and messaging that's different from the ads running for their Site Retargeting campaign. mediaFORGE can even tailor ads to sub-groups of email recipients to deliver different content and messaging to brand loyalists versus new subscribers versus recent purchasers, as an example.

"mediaFORGE is excited to be offering clients another avenue to enhance performance of their online retargeting campaigns," says mediaFORGE CEO, Tony Zito. "There's a lot of proven value in mediaFORGE Site Retargeting, and by combining our other extensions like Search and now Email Retargeting, advertisers can greatly increase their opportunities to meet campaign goals, influence conversions and drive incremental revenue."

One mediaFORGE Site Retargeting client recently added Email Retargeting to two of its online retail properties to extend its retargeting audience. The client was extremely pleased to see that by adding Email Retargeting, their campaign generated 9 percent more ad engagements and 11 percent additional revenue.

Like all its display ad campaigns, mediaFORGE Email Retargeting will be measured using the company's pioneering post-engagement business model, which charges for incremental revenue that can be attributed to in-ad engagement -- not for impressions, post-impression conversions or clicks. Claimed revenue will be supported with mediaFORGE's signature transparent data reports, which allow clients to monitor and influence the performance of their brand's campaign. The reports help clients easily see how Email Retargeting with mediaFORGE, whether a stand-alone campaign or a complement to Site Retargeting, engages additional shoppers, delivers more conversions, and optimizes ROAS.

About mediaFORGE
mediaFORGE is defining and driving the market for online retargeting with its dynamic ad technology that engages consumers in a personalized web-like experience that is proven to build brand loyalty and increase revenue. Its pioneering shared-revenue model charges marketers according to incremental revenue that can be attributed to consumer ad engagement -- not for impressions, clicks or view-throughs. This superior success metric, supported by rich data analytics made possible through mediaFORGE's proprietary tracking technology, is forging the way towards more qualitative measurement of display ad performance. With mediaFORGE, online marketers get the best aspects of retargeted advertising with a low-risk business model, transparent data reports, and best-in-class account managers, making it one of the most compelling and efficient paths to optimal ROI. For more information, visit

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