September 13, 2011 09:54 ET

mediaFORGE Launches Measured Engagement Platform for Online Marketing

Innovative Technology Platform Creates Superior Alternative to Traditional Success Metrics, Instilling Confidence in Ad Spend

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - mediaFORGE, innovator of dynamic display retargeting and the post-engagement revenue-share model, today officially launched the first-of-its-kind Measured Engagement Platform (MEP) to reinforce client confidence through tools that assess consumer ad engagement, resulting revenue lift, and overall return on ad spend (ROAS). Supported by proprietary technologies and comprehensive performance analytics, the new MEP gives advertisers the tools they need to properly attribute multi-channel marketing efforts. By offering this platform, mediaFORGE is changing the way retargeting data is being reported, and aiming to significantly alter the way advertisers view the impact of site/search retargeting.

Measured Engagement Tools

The MEP is a leading-edge suite of analytics tools that provide transparent retargeting performance data so that marketers can be confident in the success of their retargeting campaigns. These tools include:

  • Overlap Analysis: measures how mediaFORGE retargeting overlaps with other marketing channels. By helping advertisers understand how one channel complements another (e.g., how retargeting aids search or affiliate), marketers are increasingly able to make educated decisions regarding ad spend.
  • Data-Driven Attribution-Modeling: allows marketers to attribute the correct amount of claimed revenue (i.e., post-impression, post-engagement and post-click) driven by mediaFORGE retargeting. With a proper understanding of what percentage of claimed revenue should be credited to mediaFORGE, relative to costs, marketers get a comprehensive view of the ROAS mediaFORGE delivers.
  • Lift Analysis: compares mediaFORGE campaign performance against control-group data allowing clients to understand the true incremental revenue generated by their mediaFORGE campaign.

"Offering this platform is an integral part of mediaFORGE's commitment to cultivating confidence from our client partners," said mediaFORGE CEO Tony Zito. "By backing our results with comprehensive performance data, we're able to deliver a level of ROI visibility that's unmatched in the industry."

mediaFORGE is the only company whose core technology supports the level of honest and transparent reporting that's required to facilitate accurate attribution-modeling. It's also because of this technology that mediaFORGE is able to operate on a post-engagement business model, supported by the MEP, that charges clients only for revenue that's attributed to ad engagement -- giving advertisers a superior performance metric to clicks, impressions or view-through conversions.

Tests of the MEP have verified its effectiveness against control groups, finding that:

  • Utilizing attribution-modeling and overlap analysis tools, marketers improved retargeting efficiencies by as much as 36 percent and identified overlap with other marketing channels like search, affiliate and email.
  • Marketers using the platform to closely analyze their ad spend were able to generate up to 23 percent more revenue while reducing their overall expense across their various marketing channels by up to 18 percent.

About mediaFORGE
mediaFORGE is defining and driving the market for online retargeting with its dynamic ad technology that transforms online advertising from interruptive to interactive, engaging consumers in a personalized web-like experience that is proven to build brand loyalty and increase revenue. Its pioneering shared-revenue model charges marketers according to measured engagement that can be attributed to incremental revenue, rather than charging for impressions or view-throughs. With mediaFORGE, online marketers can employ the best aspects of retargeted advertising with a low-risk business model, transparent data reports, and best-in-class account managers, making it one of the most compelling and efficient paths to optimal return on ad spend (ROAS). For more information, visit

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