October 03, 2012 08:30 ET

Mediative Launches a Broad and Flexible Hyper-Local Mobile Advertising Network

Three Insights Advertisers Need to Consider in the New Hyper Situational Mobile Targeting

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2012) - Mediative, Canada's digital marketing company, enhances its location-based offering with the launch of a flexible mobile advertising network allowing for agile deliveries with multiple formats against RON, ROC, ROS ad buys. Through the reach of its deep and broad ad network, Mediative is able to provide flexible targeting opportunities: enabling advertisers to finally reach mobile consumers based on their intent to buy.

The power of mobile marketing is in the shift advertisers must make from broad marketing messages to consider the consumer's dynamic state of mind. Mediative's research-on location, interest and intention of the individual-fuels its new mobile advertising network and provides a precise reach to consumers by speaking to their current and hyper-local needs.

With 20 million Canadians using smartphones and 72% relying on their devices for browsing and apps, Mediative sees a large number of consumers ready to be reached by location-based mobile advertising. This makes smartphones a constant companion for the Canadian consumer and prime focus of 5 million consumer eyeballs.1

Mediative also discovered that movement sets a clear distinction between mobile and desktop, and urges advertisers to consider the following three insights:

  1. Location matters: Consumer intent varies whether a consumer is at work, relaxing or on the go.
  2. Environment matters: External factors such as weather or traffic influence how consumers feel and, accordingly, what they want/need now.
  3. Time matters: Motivation varies at different times in the day and for different consumers. Why promote your offering at times when the consumer is least open to it?

On average in Canada, mobile banners deliver an average 0.5% CTR1. By targeting on location + environment + time variables, Mediative was able to demonstrate CTRs over 1.0%2!

1 Mediative (December 2011) A realistic view on mobile advertising in Canada

2 Mediative (October 2012) In a Customer State of Mind

"We want to help the industry shift its approach to marketing and advertising," stated Patrick Lauzon, Mediative's President. "Gone are the days of mass marketing and broad messaging. In today's dynamic digital world, we have the ability to use advertising to reach consumers wherever they are and help fulfill their immediate wants and needs."

Flexibility, relevancy, reach and scale are paramount when executing hyper-local campaigns. Mediative provides access to a large and flexible hyper-local mobile inventory, ensuring sufficient volume wherever marketers are targeting. Specifically, Mediative creates geo-fences with a minimum of 100 meters radius around a physical location and delivers display ads to mobile webpages & apps loaded within the geo-fences. Messages are optimized for relevancy by dynamically changing ads based on environmental factors such as: time of day, distance, weather, traffic, etc.

For a more detailed look at the research and real-life case studies, and to learn about Mediative's hyper-local mobile advertising network, download the latest research paper.

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Mediative is a digital marketing company providing performance services and access to media platforms. Organizations who want to significantly enhance their digital presence and influence buyers turn to Mediative to help generate revenue by quickly moving their targets from awareness to purchase. Location and research-based data fuels Mediative's insight, which is leveraged across consultative performance services, online properties, and location-based marketing platforms in the dynamic digital world. With precise and unmatched knowledge of how "shoppers and clients buy", Mediative takes a consultative and holistic approach, based on their people's passion for insight and results, to provide the outcomes marketers and businesses need now, and for the future. Mediative has over 150 employees across four Canadian offices: Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna and Vancouver. Mediative is a Yellow Pages Group company. For more information, visit

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