Mediative - A Yellow Pages Group Division

Mediative - A Yellow Pages Group Division

June 26, 2013 14:04 ET

Mediative Places Offers Hyperlocal Marketing Options and Social Media Control

Mediative Places helps businesses connect with on-the-go consumers at the right time, at the right place.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 26, 2013) -

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Delivering a locally relevant customer experience is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. Businesses must manage local content across multiple platforms, locations, and listings. This results in various ways to interact with customers, with the risk of losing customers to better deals and social media influence dissipating customer loyalty. Mediative Places, a scalable new service, allows marketers to connect with on-the-go customers with an offer that meets their immediate goals or needs in a meaningful and engaging way, in a place that is relevant to them, and at a time when they are ready to buy.

Consumers aren't searching on a single device, through a single channel, or using a single information source. Businesses-big and small-now have a larger control over their online and social media presence. Through Mediative Places, businesses can build, fix, and optimize their ability to attract potential clients. Watch the Mediative Places video at:


Among the multitude of marketing services provided by Mediative Places, three areas differentiate this offering from others. The first one is the ability to claim, build, and clean local listings on relevant platforms that will increase online visibility, including, Facebook, and Google +. Secondly, it is a social media marketing platform, mobile-compatible, designed for businesses with multiple locations. It enables them to monitor, measure, and optimize campaign performance and engage customers across hundreds or thousands of their related business locations via Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, or other social channels, through a single platform.

The last one is hyperlocal Display Advertising for businesses to target consumers on mobile devices within as localized an area as a 100-metre radius of a given location. Currently, the most targeted geo-fence available in marketing, this allows messages to be tailored the individual's exact location, the time of day, weather, or other environmental factors.


With over 50% of mobile search conducted at a local level and 85% of all purchases made within 24 km of a person's home, hyperlocal marketing is now a must with any marketing plan. "Businesses that want to attract new customers can no longer ignore the behaviour of today's mobile-driven consumer," said Patrick Lauzon, President of Mediative. "The beauty of Mediative Places is its scalability. It levels the playing field by giving the same control and marketing options to businesses both big and small. In fact, Mediative Places allows small businesses to create a very sizeable online and social media footprint and really engage and attract customers."

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Using a restaurant search as the test scenario, the Mediative team conducted an eye tracking study to help local advertisers understand which elements of the Facebook Graph search results page hold the most interest and what to do in order to maximize the chances of appearing in the results page. For the latest insights into social user behaviour and the implications for local marketing strategy, please go to:

Mediative published the Yellow Pages Group Annual Report on the 2013 local consumer search insights. Download the report on desktop and mobile search trends from Yellow Pages Group at:


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