June 08, 2010 07:10 ET

MediBid Releases The Real Cost Of Care to Canadians

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 8, 2010) - MediBid – The Marketplace for Medicine® is now making it possible for Canadian patients who can't afford long waiting lists to access the care that they need. MediBid is the one place where Canadians can access surgeons and facilities from around the world at a price they can afford. 

"I want Canadians to know that US health care is affordable, often 80% less than what you might think," said Ralph Weber, MediBid's founder and CEO. "MediBid is a tool for patients to obtain the real prices for health care from a free market system." 

Weber has been helping Canadian patients for over 13 years. As a Canadian with extensive experience in the US and Canadian healthcare sectors, he knows the effects of a long wait for surgery all too well. Time and time again he has seen his clients struggle with the abrupt change of lifestyle that comes with an injury, followed by long waits for treatment causing secondary medical conditions. 

"In many areas of care, too many people still wait too long," said Lynn McLeod, the chair of Ontario's Health Quality Council, on the release of its fifth annual report on wait times for health services. 

Now, with the launch of, Weber's dream of helping thousands of patients has come true. "MediBid was founded on five principles: Access, Quality, Choice, Value and Privacy," said Weber. 

And timely access is what Canadians need, according to the Fraser Institute. On Friday, Niels Veldhuis of the Fraser Institute and co-author of the annual Tax Freedom Day report said, "We're paying among the highest amounts in the world for our health-care system that's actually delivering quite a poor service in terms of lengthy waiting lists, in terms of access to technology, access to a family doctor."

Patients on can review bids and compare credentials, experience, and quality from a pool of thousands of physicians without the price being inflated by any third parties. Patients deal directly with doctors, not a third party facilitator. Some medical tourism facilitators raise prices, which has caused an inflated sense of what the real cost is for care in the US.

"Often, procedures in the US are billed at an inflated price. For example, knee replacement surgery can be billed as high as $50,000 USD, but can be obtained at cost for as low as $12,000 USD through," said Weber. "MediBid is all about value. If you weigh-in the expense of lost income from missed work while on a waiting list, the value in paying out of pocket is apparent." 

MediBid is now giving Canadian patients the same immediate access that has been available to US patients since opened in January of 2010. 

About MediBid

MediBid is a Delaware corporation with offices in both the US and Canada. MediBid's secure, needs-matching technology offers patients the ability to compare quality care with upfront, custom pricing in an interactive, online marketplace. Patients join as "Seekers" to seek out surgeons, doctors, dentists, and other medical providers from both the US and around the world. Patients simply create a profile and a request for care online at Physicians review the request made by the Seeker and give a custom Bid to each patient based on their individual needs. 

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