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November 19, 2014 14:41 ET

Medicaid and Medicare Have Updated Codes to Accept Telehealth Services

Telemedicine and Telehealth Provider, CloudVisit Telemedicine, Weighs In on What This Means for the Future of Healthcare

COLD SPRING, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2014) - Beginning January 2015, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) will begin reimbursement for a number of telehealth services that the agency hasn't covered before. In addition to the current list of reimbursable telemedicine services, CMS has implemented seven new codes that will enable reimbursements for additional telehealth services, including annual wellness visit, prolonged evaluation and management services, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and prolonged services in the office.

"These changes will prove significant for our clients and the telemedicine, telepsychiatry, and telehealth industries," says Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. "Further acceptance of remote patient care and its means guarantees the growth of telemedicine usage that we anticipate for 2015."

Other changes in codes that are not telehealth-specific such as the CMS' new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) service code 99490 for chronic care patient management, will also help telemedicine providers. Service code 99490 covers any patient, whether physically present or not, therefore covering any patient no matter where they are located. The 99490 code, in combination with code 99091 -- collection and interpretation of physiologic data like blood pressure and glucose monitoring -- will enable providers to add time over 30 minutes spent reviewing remote patients' data to the monthly minimum time for billing under 99091. Medicare will pay for CPT code 99091-billed remote-patient monitoring via a monthly, unadjusted, non-facility fee of $56.92.

"Our blue tooth remote monitoring devices will be encompassed by both codes 99490 and 99091 as well as the new CMS-reimbursable telehealth services codes, helping our clients spur the growth of their telemedicine practices as well as their patients' control of their medical issues."

CloudVisit Telehealth Devices Soon to Be Covered By CMS
CloudVisit's blue tooth monitoring devices will soon be reimbursable under the new CMS telehealth services codes and other changes in the codes that aren't telehealth-specific. "This is a huge step forward for CloudVisit and our users," says Gilbert. "We believe that as the telemedicine movement gains further momentum, additional CMS telehealth codes will be put in place to provide more funds for remote patient treatment."

CloudVisit offers a Blood Pressure Monitor as well as a Body Health Analyzer with easy click-and-share features that instantly transmit health information to the secure CloudVisit patient portal for provider access. The Blood Pressure monitor is small, simple to use and provides: a blood pressure classification indicator (WHO function); and, measurement while inflating with a range of 0 - 300 mmHg, as well as pulse from 40 - 199 times/minute. The monitor also has a 22 - 32 cm adjustable cuff.

The company's remote weight management solution device, the Body Health Analyzer, includes the same type of simple click-and-share feature and instant data transmission through the secure CloudVisit patient portal for provider access. The device measures weight, muscle mass, body fat, bone mass, visceral fat, the patient's basal metabolic rate, body water and their body mass index.

Both devices instantly transmit and display each patient's at-home and in-office health data on his/her iOS or Android app.

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