October 08, 2009 08:30 ET

Medical City Dallas Hospital and Allocade, Inc. Improve Patient Experience With New Artificial Intelligence System

Hospital Integrates New On-Cue Patient Management Software System to Maximize Efficiencies

MENLO PARK, CA and DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) - Medical City and Allocade, Inc., a developer of innovative healthcare software solutions, today announced the first deployment of the On-Cue™ system in Texas. On-Cue is a revolutionary software solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate patient flow throughout the hospital and improve operational efficiencies by creating a dynamic patient itinerary. As a result, all the different departments within Medical City will have a common view of each patient's daily itinerary, which will be adjusted in real-time as variables change throughout the day.

"We are constantly looking at new technologies for all of our hospitals to improve workflow and the overall patient experience," said Stan Seremet, CIO, North Texas Division, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). "The new On-Cue system addresses these objectives by providing a layer of intelligence over our existing IT systems to ensure that all departments are coordinated and operate smoothly. We believe the On-Cue system will help us to realize efficiency gains throughout Medical City as well as positively impact operating margins."

Hospitals are constantly dealing with unpredictable and unplanned changes that affect every department in the hospital, including Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, Nursing, Transport, the Emergency Department and more. Ensuring smooth patient flow in light of these occurrences can be a monumental challenge for hospitals.

The On-Cue system was designed to minimize the impact of unpredictable disruptions in scheduling across the hospital by streamlining coordination and communications amongst all caregivers. Utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, On-Cue creates what is called a patient itinerary, or a dynamic orchestration of each patient's resource plan of care. This itinerary is a dynamic tool, which is created for inpatients, outpatients and emergency department patients. The itinerary is continually adjusted in real-time as conditions change and it communicates to all caregivers instantaneously.

"We immediately understood the benefits of On-Cue and how it could positively impact the patient experience," said Dr. Britt Berrett, CEO of Medical City. "Because On-Cue offers a powerful enterprise solution that runs almost like an air traffic controller, it keeps patient activity on track across all departments. As a result, patients benefit from a smoother experience and Medical City benefits from improved utilization of existing resources."

The genesis of the On-Cue technology comes from NASA, where Allocade's Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Don Rosenthal, led the Artificial Intelligence Applications Group at the NASA Ames Research Center. The underlying On-Cue engine is the result of Rosenthal's work to optimally utilize the limited resources on the Hubble Space Telescope. The implementation of On-Cue is straightforward and the time to value ratio is very favorable because the software leverages the information already available in Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR).

"As a part of our commitment to our fiscal responsibility, we are always looking for innovative and effective ways to improve our bottom line," said Scott Schmidly, COO of Medical City. "On-Cue provides us with a solution that will recommend the best course of action in real-time, enabling us to optimize our resources. By streamlining coordination and communication between our departments, we believe we can generate real costs savings which can do nothing but provide greater benefits to our patients and our organization," continued Schmidly.

The On-Cue software solution will be installed at Medical City Dallas Hospital in the fourth quarter of 2009.

About Medical City Hospital and HCA:

Founded in 1974, Medical City is recognized for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and commitment to excellence in patient care. Located in Dallas, Texas, the hospital's medical team consists of more than 1,150 physicians, many of whom are recognized as the world's best in their specialties. Medical City is home to one of the nation's premier heart transplant and surgery centers, Medical City Heart, and the world-class pediatric hospital, Medical City Children's Hospital. The 660-bed comprehensive medical center also includes a breadth of nationally and internationally acclaimed specialty programs, including cardiovascular, craniofacial, bariatric, oncology and transplant services. Medical City is one of fewer than 300 medical centers nationwide to be granted the prestigious Magnet status for nursing excellence -- the American Nurses Credentialing Center's highest honor. In 2009, Medical City was named as one of the top ten "Best Places to Work" in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine. Medical City is also one of only 15 hospitals nationwide to be named a "Hospital of Choice" for 2008-2009 by the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers. More information about Medical City is available at http://www.medicalcityhospital.com.

About Allocade, Inc.

Allocade Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., develops software solutions designed to effectively address patient flow management throughout the hospital enterprise, while accommodating the continuous disruptions that occur hourly. The company's first product is the On-Cue™ System, a software application that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate all patient flow throughout the hospital and improve operational efficiencies by creating a dynamic patient itinerary for inpatients, outpatients and emergency department patients. And, the software solution adjusts each patient's itinerary in real-time as conditions change throughout the day. Allocade's management team includes former top executives from Siemens Medical Systems, Philips Medical Systems, Winster, Acuson Corporation, Sierra OnLine, Stentor, Inzap and the NASA Ames Research Center. For more information about Allocade and the On-Cue™ Software Solution, visit www.allocade.com.

On-Cue is a trademark of Allocade, Inc.

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