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September 03, 2010 08:00 ET

Medical Technology Enhances Efforts to End Addictive Eating

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Sept. 3, 2010) - Canadian counsellors are now using cutting edge brain chemistry technology to treat addictive eating patterns. University of Calgary Alumni Nancy Anderson Dolan BA Psyc and Victoria Potter BEd MA are the exclusive Canadian clinicians verified by Robertson Wellness Technologies to ulitlize the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program (BCOP). 

This tool assesses peripheral signs and symptoms, provides a computerized diagnostic comparison of neurochemicals and an individualized 36 page report on how to address imbalances. Neurochemical imbalances often lead to impulsive and/or compulsive behaviours and challenging emotional/ psychological states, which in turn lead to addictive eating patterns.

Dr. Brian Cramm, head of the Alberta Health Services Eating Disorder Program spoke at the Calgary University of Calgary, Medical Faculty Addictions Day focused on Brain Chemistry earlier this year, on the challenge of addressing the addiction aspect of eating disorders. 

Many researchers around the world, like Marc Gold of the Florida Brain Institute and Serge Ahmed of the University of Bordeaux, are finding mounting evidence that biological vulnerabilities, various foods and ways of eating create addictive brain pattern responses, previously observed with other addictions.

Anderson Dolan says being able to assess and align treatment with each individuals specific brain chemistry issues, has been the single biggest breakthrough she has seen in her decades of dealing with addictions and eating disorders. 

Being one of the 5% of people who have lost a significant amount of weight (over 100lbs) and kept it off for an extended period of time (2 decades), Anderson Dolan was surprised to find that the individualized brain chemistry information made a significant impact on her own wellness, creating even greater ease with food, mood and as the program title suggests, optimizing her performance. 

WiseHeart Wellness Services has been providing treatment and education for food addiction and compulsive eating in Calgary since 2004. After attending a presentation by Dr. Joel Roberts at the 2009 International Eating Disorders Association of Professionals Conference, Anderson Dolan and her colleague Victoria Potter pursued training with Robertson Wellness to incorporate the BCOP into their treatment process. In addition the BCOP program will be run independently as a completely virtual offering online at the end of September 2010.

On September 11th, 2010 Alberta Health Services - Women's Resource Center will host a low cost seminar ($5 fee to cover their operating expenses) with Nancy Anderson Dolan and Victoria Potter of WiseHeart Wellness Services donating their time to run the daylong session as part of the agency commitment to public education. They will be addressing the issues of food addiction, obesity, weight loss, disordered/binge eating in general and the brain chemistry issues specifically.

The event is entitled 7 Routes to Ending Addictive Eating Patterns, acknowledging that not all people are addicted to the same foods or for the same reasons, but that an underlying experience of obsession and compulsion experienced with food, has created addictive eating patterns. The session then goes on to provide the basics of how to finally get free of the food fix. This is the second offering of the program this year, as the first sold out very quickly with only 100 seats available at the Foothills Hospital Coombs Theater.

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