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October 19, 2009 13:52 ET

Medical Website Design Company Aurora Information Technology Rides the New Wave of Inbound Marketing for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

GARRISON, NY--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - Thanks to innovations in technology, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective but more expensive. It utilizes old tried and true methods like cold calling, print/media advertising and junk mail. However, strict regulations hinder the effectiveness of these methods like spam filters, opt-out lists or the "Do Not Call Registry." These are not insurmountable obstacles, but they are expensive ones to get around. Known as outbound marketing, companies proactively focus on finding customers. And it's so yesterday.

Inbound marketing is a more passive yet effective style of marketing. The idea is not to find customers, but to get found by customers. Instead of interrupting the wrong people, inbound marketing draws in only the right people. And the healthcare industry can greatly benefit from this trend by setting up websites that act like headquarters for their practice.

Aurora Information Technology, Inc., a medical website design and medical marketing company based in Garrison, New York, knows that the key strategy for doctors and healthcare providers is to move away from outbound marketing and expensive paid search advertising. Experts in creating customized, highly trafficked sites for the medical community, Aurora believes that inbound marketing is best suited for doctors and practices that prefer visibility to publicity. It is an efficient way for healthcare providers to draw in the new patients that are looking for exactly what they have to offer. It starts with these steps:

Content-Rich Medical Website Design

This is step one of a great inbound marketing strategy. Doctors and healthcare providers should use their website as an information clearinghouse, but stop just short of "giving away the store." Give customers what you do and what they need to know, but not exactly how you do it and how customers can help themselves. Your practice has a wealth of knowledge and experts. Leverage these skills. Create a visually stimulating website and fill it up with conditions, treatments, advice, videos, photos, articles, testimonials -- you name it.

Medical Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

These words probably make your head spin, but the concept can be broken down into one simple word: keywords. Medical website marketing and search engine optimization efforts rely heavily on the keywords that are utilized in your website. These words are being used by prospective patients to Google what they are looking for. When they hit the "search" button, your website should show up somewhere within the first three pages of the results. This rank cannot be bought but earned. Aurora knows which keywords will work and which ones will bury you and your practice deep in the search engine basement.

Social Media

This probably sounds juvenile but it's what's happening now. People are talking and listening everywhere on the Internet. You want those people to talk and hear about you. More importantly, you will want to manage what is being said and what is being heard. Patients rely on word of mouth in choosing their doctor, so you want to be on sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Patients also search the Web for information on their conditions and symptoms -- information that may be unreliable. Gain their trust with a blog or a newsletter. Give out free medical advice, but only just enough to draw a patient in to find out more.

Where outbound marketing was considered an ongoing expense, doctors should think of inbound marketing, and their website, as an investment, that is always working for them. Instead of blanketing the public with their message, they are casting a very specific net -- filtering out the debris and gaining new patients.

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Aurora Information Technology is a New York-based medical website design, content management, public relations, and healthcare marketing firm. A majority of Aurora IT's healthcare clients have experienced patient caseload growth of 20% or more, with some as high as 50%, after the creation and maintenance of an Aurora website. For more information about Aurora's medical logo, website design, and healthcare marketing services, call 1-914-591-7236, or visit them online at

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