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December 23, 2016 01:00 ET

Medical Weight Loss Doctor Examines the Effectiveness and Safety of the Popular Potato Diet

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--(Marketwired - December 23, 2016) - Many new fad diets are popping up this holiday season. A recent breakout is the Potato Diet for weight loss and body cleansing. Claiming to have been originated in ancient times by the Latin population, potatoes were often used to detoxify the body and clear out the digestive tract. Multiple versions of this diet exist, but each includes the strict consumption of baked potato wedges or whole potatoes which may or may not be seasoned. Three pounds of potatoes are to be eaten each day, and its duration may last anywhere between 3 to 15 days. Though remaining on the diet for more than two weeks is not recommended due to potential nutritional deficiencies, a few individuals have remained on the potato diet for up to six months and claim to have seen significant weight loss benefits.

Eating a strict potato diet can absolutely help individuals slim down in the short term, even though it is considered a high-carb food since restrictive diets such as this one generally do contribute to some initial weight loss. Potatoes are nutrient-dense vegetables which offer potassium, iron, magnesium and a whole host of additional vitamins and minerals. However, Dr. Nishant Rao -- Medical Director of Diet Doc advises that restrictive diets tend to result in the loss of muscle and water weight rather than actual fat. "The result is a smaller version of yourself rather than a leaner version when the weight lost is primarily muscle and water weight." While one potato based meal may offer nutritional benefits, Dr. Rao believes that, "There isn't anything inherently cleansing about such restrictive diets," and recommends that "any diet should provide enough protein to prevent muscle loss or weight will likely be regained since metabolism becomes sacrificed in the process."

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