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Setting the Standard for Medication Therapy Management

January 10, 2011 13:40 ET

Medication Management Systems and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation Join Forces to Improve Drug Therapy Outcomes for Seniors

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - January 10, 2011) - Medication Management Systems, Inc. (MMS), a leader in medication therapy management (MTM), today announced a new partnership that makes available, for the first time, an integrated software documentation solution to more effectively manage drug therapies and positively impact the quality of life of millions of seniors in the community and long-term care.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Foundation has selected MMS to create a business collaboration that brings together two state-of-the-art software systems:

  • The Assurance System™ from MMS provides electronic clinical decision support tools, including up-to-date best practices guides in medication use, robust data analysis and reporting, a therapeutic medication record for each patient, and claims submissions.

  • The ASCP Foundation's Monitor-Rx™ identifies medications that may cause or contribute to common geriatric problems and provides medication-monitoring recommendations to assess and preemptively address potential medication-related problems.

Now a single, fully integrated system, Assurance System Plus Monitor-Rx™ provides pharmacists with the only comprehensive pharmacy practice management system for senior care and consultant pharmacy practice, combining a set of tools to identify potential medication-related problems, track patient encounters and outcomes, maintain compliance with current regulatory requirements, substantiate and manage claims for payment for pharmacist services, and allow for outcome and economic analysis. 

"Assurance System Plus Monitor-Rx™ offers an affordable, hosted software and data management solution that consultant and senior care pharmacists can use to expand the broad range of services they already provide to our most vulnerable citizens," said Nathan Schultz, Pharm.D., President and COO of MMS. "In addition, this new clinical practice management tool will enable pharmacists to deliver the quality medication management services that our elderly patients need while also providing the documentation necessary to support both provider communication and financial reimbursement." 

Monitor-Rx is a unique clinical tool developed specifically for geriatric patients that fosters patient-centered medication therapy management by correlating medication effects with a patient's physical, functional and cognitive status. "By identifying and avoiding preventable adverse medication effects that contribute to excess disability," explained Lisa Gables, Executive Director of the ASCP Foundation, "pharmacists can help their patients live independently and avoid hospitalization and nursing home placement. That is why we are so pleased that ASCP's 7,000+ practitioner and student members will now have access to this powerful new integrated system, Assurance Plus Monitor-Rx™." 

About Assurance Plus Monitor-Rx™
Assurance Plus Monitor-Rx™ provides 24/7 access and easy-to-use web-based functionality for senior care pharmacists in any practice site. Features that support nursing facility-specific medication regimen review, regulatory requirements and reporting have been incorporated into Assurance Plus Monitor Rx™; senior care pharmacy practice tools are being developed by the ASCP Foundation.

About Medication Management Systems, Inc. (MMS)
A leader in designing, delivering and implementing successful, standards-driven medication therapy management (MTM) programs, MMS employs a proven patient-centered pharmaceutical care approach supported by the Assurance System™ to improve medication efficacy, safety, and adherence for patients with complex drug therapies.

About American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Foundation
The ASCP Foundation -- the research and education affiliate of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists has a history of leadership, innovation, and expertise in medicines and aging and a proven track record of developing practical interventions for improving medication use in the senior population. ASCP is the international professional association that provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources to advance the practice of senior care pharmacy. ASCP's members manage and optimize drug therapy and improve the quality of life of older adults and other individuals residing in a variety of environments, including nursing facilities, subacute care and assisted living facilities, psychiatric hospitals, hospice programs, and home and community-based care.

About Monitor-Rx
Monitor-Rx is a joint venture of the ASCP Foundation and The Interactive Aging Network ( These two non-profit organizations have partnered to fulfill a social mission, earn income to support research in appropriate, effective and safe medication use in older persons and to implement innovative technology to address the growing "age wave."

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