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Medicure Inc.

February 28, 2005 09:00 ET

Medicure Reports Positive Preclinical Results For Novel Antithrombotic, MC-45308




FEBRUARY 28, 2005 - 09:00 ET

Medicure Reports Positive Preclinical Results For
Novel Antithrombotic, MC-45308

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 28, 2005) -

Data Presented at Scientific Meeting in Mannheim, Germany

Medicure Inc. (TSX:MPH)(AMEX:MCU), a cardiovascular drug discovery and
development company, is pleased to announce positive results from the
preclinical studies of the Company's discovery drug candidate, MC-45308.
The studies, which were conducted as part of a collaboration with Dr.
Jawed Fareed, PhD, Professor, Departments of Pathology and Pharmacology,
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Ill.,
examined the anticoagulant and antiplatelet activities of MC-45308 in
both in vitro and in vivo experiments. Dr. Wasim Haque, PhD, Senior
Director of Chemistry at Medicure, Inc., presented the data on February
26, 2005 at the 49th Meeting of the Society of Thrombosis and
Haemostasis held at Mannheim, Germany.

The anticoagulant effects of MC-45308 were evaluated with a series of
recognized lab tests used to monitor the clotting ability of whole
blood. The global anticoagulant assay, which measures activated clotting
time, was used to compare MC-45308 to the clinically approved
anticoagulants bivalirudin and argatroban (direct thrombin inhibitors),
at concentrations of 5 micrograms/ml. In this test, MC-45308 compared
favourably to both bivalirudin and argatroban, by prolonging the
activated clotting time further when used at the same concentration.

A second set of experiments involved the rabbit venous stasis model of
thrombosis, which is commonly used to screen therapeutic compounds for
antithrombotic activities. In this model, MC-45308 was more effective
than both bivalirudin and argatroban when administered intravenously
(i.v.) at a dose of 250 micrograms/kg effecting an approximately 80%
reduction in clot score. The comparative bleeding profile of MC-45308,
bivalirudin and argatroban were similar in this model, suggesting that
MC-45308 may share a similar safety profile.

Medicure also presented data on the antiplatelet effects of MC-45308.
When tested against a variety of clinically relevant agonists including
ADP, collagen and ristocetin, MC-45308 inhibited aggregation induced by
each of these agonists, with the most pronounced effect seen in ADP
induced aggregation. Inhibition of ADP-induced platelet aggregation has
proven to be an effective clinical strategy in the management of a
number of cardiovascular indications, including acute coronary
syndromes, peripheral arterial disease, myocardial infarction and
stroke, as evidenced by the success of the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel.

The preclinical studies demonstrated that MC-45308 has simultaneous
anti-platelet and anti-coagulant effects. A drug of this type does not
currently exist within the antithrombotic marketplace. The results also
suggest that MC-45308 may be a more effective therapeutic for treatment
of thrombotic disorders than existing clinically approved agents.
"MC-45308 has the potential to be the first in a new class of drugs, a
dual-acting agent that provides both anticoagulant and antiplatelet
activity," stated Dr. Fareed.

"Antithrombotic drug development is a major part of our drug discovery
activities due in part to the large market opportunity and the
recognized need for novel products that can improve upon the limitations
of existing therapeutics," stated Albert D. Friesen, PhD, Medicure's
President and CEO. "Given that MC-45308 performed comparably or better
than clinically approved therapeutics in these studies further
underscores its potential to be a major drug in the management strategy
of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke,
pulmonary emboli and peripheral arterial disease."

Additional experiments to confirm these results and further evaluate
MC-45308's effects are currently underway in Dr. Fareed's laboratory.


The combined U.S. market for antiplatelets and anticoagulants is
projected to grow rapidly from an estimated USD$3 billion in 2000 to
USD$6.7 billion in 2008.

Antithrombotics are drugs that prevent blood factors (platelets and
fibrin) from aggregating or clotting and subsequently blocking blood
flow. These blockages cause thrombosis, or the formation of blood clots
within an artery or vein, and represent a leading cause of various acute
cardiovascular problems, including stroke, pulmonary embolism and heart
attacks. Formation of the clot is driven by acceleration in the
coagulation and platelet activation coupled with a reduced fibrinolysis
capability. In order to address this, at-risk patients increasingly
receive anti-platelet and/or anticoagulant therapy.


Dr. Jawed Fareed is a world leader in the research and development of
new anticoagulant and antithrombotic drugs. He is recognized for his
role in initiating the first clinical trials of low-molecular-weight
heparin use in acute coronary syndromes. In addition, he has authored
and co-authored more than 400 publications in this area and received
numerous distinctions for his research excellence.


Medicure Inc. is a cardiovascular drug discovery and development Company
focused on developing effective therapeutics for unmet needs in the
field of cardiovascular medicine, the largest pharmaceutical market
sector. The Company's solid position in this field is supported by the
following attributes:

- Cardiovascular focused pipeline: a global market of over US $70 billion

- Two drugs - MC-1 & MC-4232 - in advanced Phase II trials

- Two positive Phase II trials completed

- Unique products addressing major markets not adequately served by
existing drugs

- Second combination product, MC-4262 is entering development stage

- Dual action antithrombotic, MC-45308, in preclinical testing

The Company's financial position remains solid, providing sufficient
resources to complete the ongoing Phase II studies, and to advance the
lead candidates up to pivotal Phase III studies.

Medicure also has a medicinal chemistry based Drug Discovery program
focused on discovery and advancement of novel small molecule,
anti-ischemics and anti-thrombotics towards human clinical studies.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve
risks, which may cause actual results to differ materially from the
statements made, and accordingly may be deemed to be forward-looking
statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The forward-looking statements
are made as of the date hereof, and the Company disclaims any intention
and has no obligation or responsibility to update or revise any
forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information,
future events, or otherwise.


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