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October 19, 2007 09:00 ET

Meditation Expert Offers Advice on Avoiding Bad Yoga Teachers

Meditation Expert Laurie Desjardins Talks About the Red Flags That Can Alert Yoga Practitioners to Bad Teachers

TULSA, OK--(Marketwire - October 19, 2007) - Yoga has been around for hundreds of years, but it's starting to gain more popularity in the U.S. In 2006, 16.5 million adults in the U.S. practiced yoga, and 25 million more said they intended to try it within the next year.

Laurie Desjardins, meditation expert and creator of the Zen Stick, discusses red flags that indicate an inept yoga teacher for people looking for a yoga class.

"Yoga and meditation are two of the few things in life that can be relaxing and challenging at the same time," said Desjardins. "However, not all instructors are created equal. Most are good, but there are a few careless ones out there.

"One of the first signs that you might have an instructor who is not up to par is if they're busy or absent right up until the moment class is supposed to start," said Desjardins. "Teachers should take the time to greet all students, and they should display a positive attitude toward the class."

Another red flag is if the teacher expects the class to be able to get into poses without walking and talking students through the steps, or encourages injured students to do poses that will aggravate the pain.

"Teachers should keep students' injuries in mind when they're choosing poses," Desjardins said. "They should choose poses that won't stress injuries, but will still challenge the uninjured students."

The teacher also shouldn't make the class hold poses while they do something else, like talk with somebody who's come in. Teachers who embarrass students or get an attitude if students need clarification on a pose or question their directions should also be avoided.

"The most fundamental principles of yoga are peace, gentleness, tolerance, grace and compassion," said Desjardins. "Good teachers will consistently display those traits in their yoga classes."

Fortunately, Desjardins says, most yoga teachers are good ones, and the bad ones are very rare.

"Find a class with a knowledgeable, respectful teacher, and you'll get more out of yoga and meditation than you ever dreamed," she said.

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