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MedLion, Inc.

July 26, 2011 00:58 ET

MedLion Direct Primary Care Retains Goodman & Associates to Provide Strategic Counsel for California and National Expansion

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - Sacramento law firm Goodman & Associates is pleased to announce it has been retained by MedLion, Inc., California's leading direct primary care medical practice, as strategic counsel to guide it in its expansion to new markets in California and across the nation.

MedLion, Inc. is a "direct primary care" or private physician practice which connects patients and physicians directly, without a government payor or insurance company's involvement. MedLion, Inc., which operates from offices in Monterey and Silicon Valley, is the vision of Dr. Samir Qamar, a leading Pebble Beach concierge physician with a reputation for healthcare innovation.

"To guide MedLion's novel concept with effective and comprehensive legal supervision, we needed a top law firm experienced with innovative medical practice models. We are pleased Goodman & Associates has accepted our request to head our legal strategies," said Dr. Qamar.

"MedLion is an industry disruptor," said Goodman partner and head of the firm's healthcare practice group, Michael McClelland. "They are changing the debate and changing the healthcare model."

"The concierge practice model is no longer just about private physicians in wealthy enclaves. The MedLion concept is about disconnecting the traditional third-party insurance model, and replacing it with patient-driven care. In many ways it returns healthcare to its earliest roots, to a time when patients and their physicians were the relationship, before government and insurance third-party payors entered the arena," McClelland said, adding, "In an era of increasing healthcare costs, it's an exciting concept with tremendous potential."

"We feel MedLion is an excellent match with the firm's 'Strategic Counsel' practice, which tears down the traditional law firm walls between litigation, counsel, crisis management, and government relations, replacing it with an integrated suite of legal and advocacy services aimed at solving client issues in real time, across multiple venues," McClelland added.

"To be blunt," McClelland said, "most law firms are well-fed dinosaurs waiting for the meteor. The distinctions between boardrooms, courtrooms, and legislative hearing rooms, are irrelevant in 2011 -- they're gone. The only effective law firm model is multi-platform, broad advocacy which pairs expertise to the venue most suited to the client's needs."

About Goodman & Associates: Goodman & Associates represents clients in a range of litigation and regulatory compliance matters. The firm represents health plans, healthcare executives, and physician groups in reimbursement disputes, government affairs and administrative law matters, and related litigation. Michael McClelland is the former Chief Prosecutor of the Department of Managed Health Care, the nation's only stand-alone HMO regulator, and has argued significant cases of state and national importance in the trial and appellate courts.

About MedLion, Inc.: MedLion Direct Primary Care is an industry leader that provides affordable access to basic primary care for $10 per doctor visit and $59 per month, because everyone deserves health care. For more information please visit or call (888) 880-0007.

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