October 06, 2006 08:00 ET

MEDSEEK Introduces HyperRAD, Revolutionary Technology That Allows Users to Build Enterprise-Class Website Applications Without Programmers

SOLVANG, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 6, 2006 -- MEDSEEK, a leader in large scale web development for healthcare, launched its patent-pending HyperRAD, a rapid application development tool that enables users to create custom applications and enhanced web functionality without the expertise of programmers. MEDSEEK created this tool to make building enterprise-class web applications faster and easier. Intended primarily for use in healthcare, this dramatic time saving software could be used in any industry.

This breakthrough technology, available through MEDSEEK's enterprise online publishing application, frees organizations such as hospitals from the constraints of out-of-the-box solutions, or the challenges of outsourcing to a web vendor. It does so by allowing them to create and modify, within minutes, fully functional applications that are driven by pre-formatted templates.

HyperRAD features a set of wizards that lead the application creator through a logically organized series of screens that display function options. After the desired selections are made, HyperRAD automatically writes the code to create the new application. Non-technical web designers can create configurable applications in HyperRAD, and programmers can create independent new modules that leave the HyperRAD environment and can be fully customized. The tool uses templates of application types as a baseline to speed the non-technical user through the process and prompting the next question.

Whether managing data or creating forms, each module runs independently, gathering, sorting, storing and emailing data at the designers' direction.

According to MEDSEEK's CEO Mike Drake, "This invention's genesis comes from designing, developing, and deploying hundreds of large scale web solutions. We focus on simplicity, efficiency and speed while maintaining comprehensiveness. Our focus has given birth to a new force in our industry and perhaps other industries. We are extremely excited about the nation-wide launch of HyperRAD and we anticipate an avalanche of success stories from across the country about the benefits of unprecedented independence and control over the fields and functions of websites, resulting in reduced costs, improved productivity and maximum flexibility."


Solvang, Calif.-based MEDSEEK provides healthcare organizations with online portal management technology for more efficient communication and interaction among institutions, caregivers and patients. MEDSEEK's comprehensive software platform, PortalMaker E, developed specifically for healthcare and the web, creates the infrastructure for more powerful internet, intranet, portal and mobile solutions. With a library of over 140 proven application interfaces, MEDSEEK also provides clinical integration, leveraging existing health information systems (HIS) applications to function as the central viewpoint for all patient data. MEDSEEK, which has been recognized on Deloitte & Touche's Los Angeles Technology Fast 50 list for five consecutive years, has more than 500 installed hospital clients, including Henry Ford Health System, Advocate Health, Cardinal Health System, Pediatrix Medical Group and the Cleveland Clinic. MEDSEEK also maintains offices in Alabama and Mississippi. For more visit or call 888-MEDSEEK.

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