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August 26, 2013 14:33 ET

The MedVend Automatic Medication Dispensing Unit Facilitates Second-Generation Physician Dispensing

Point-of-Care Pharmaceutical Dispensing Has Just Taken a Quantum Leap With the Introduction of the MedVend Automated Medication Dispenser

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI--(Marketwired - August 26, 2013) - Several years ago, it became more commonplace for Physicians to dispense medications in their office. There were many positive benefits of this new practice, but Physicians soon found that it was extremely cumbersome to their staff, and in meeting Federal Guidelines. It would appear that The MedVend Automatic Medication Dispensing Unit offers the best of both worlds. Physicians still have complete control over the prescribing and delivery process, while their staff has more time to focus on patient care.

Physicians would be interested in knowing that The MedVend AMD is the World's first Automatic Medication Dispenser approved to dispense Controlled Substances, with a live Pharmacist Technician overseeing the Insurance payment activity of the MedVend Dispensing Unit. Federal and State entities inspect the AMD Units for safety and compliance. Patients can interact in real time with the Pharmacist Technician through a phone located on the AMD unit, and the Pharmacist Technician will appear on the screen for two-way video conferencing. Any questions regarding insurance or device usage the patient has will be answered at the time of purchase.

The folks at MedVend AMD report that patient convenience, as well as adherence, are both enhanced through use of The MedVend AMD. A convenient touch-screen monitor is built into the AMD unit, which is where the Patient will enter their DOB, and a PIN Number assigned during check-out. Their Co-pay will appear on the monitor, and they will have several options to make payment for the medication. The cash amount will be displayed for Patients without insurance. In less than one minute, the AMD will deliver the medication along with a printed guide and a receipt.

Physicians find The MedVend AMD an excellent income stream. Physician Dispensing can now follow similar standards found in the traditional pharmacy setting. This would not be possible were it not for the Patented Technology and proprietary practices employed by MedVend. The Physician is provided with access to vital details such as drug interactions, patient's records, standard dosing data, and the Limited Use Codes. The MedVend platform utilizes the SureScript Pharmacy Network, and also incorporates NDC's (National Drug Codes), allowing Physicians to accept insurance from patients whose employers use national Pharmacy Benefits Managers such as Express Scripts and CVS Caremark.

Medications are pre-packaged at an FDA Regulated Facility, which removes the possibility of cross-contamination which occurs using "prescription filling trays". HIPPA Standards are easily met through the AMD System's use of top security and safety functions. The integrity of prescriptions is promoted multiple times throughout the prescription filling and delivery process.

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