August 20, 2013 11:31 ET

Meet Canada's Best Travel Bloggers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 20, 2013) - Canadians planning their next vacation will now be able to easily access some of the best travel blogs written by their fellow citizens, who are leading the way in a burgeoning online industry.

On Monday Canadian online travel agency FlightNetwork.com released the Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs, a list compiled through crowdsourcing on social media sites. The list can be found at FlightNetwork.com.

Bloggers were nominated for inclusion in the list by the travel blogging community. Nominees were contacted via email by FlightNetwork.com and asked to outline the details of their blog.

"There are several reasons why we needed to build this list. First, and most importantly, many Canadians don't realize how many Canadian travel bloggers are out there, exploring the world, and offering a Canadian perspective on their experiences," said Matt Gibson, the list's curator and editor of FlightNetwork.com's own travel blog Let's Roll.

Using the list, travellers will be able to access recommended blog posts, link to the blogger's social media pages and, most importantly, search for blogs that write about their upcoming destination. With a reputation for global backpacking, travel-blogging Canadians appear to have reached every corner of the earth.

"Considering Canada's relatively small population, Canadians are greatly overrepresented in the travel blogging community. Something about us seems to drive us to explore." said Gibson, who is also a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.

The list is also an opportunity for bloggers to network amongst themselves and others in the travel industry, such as public relations professionals and marketers.

Conversely, the list will also be very useful for travel industry professionals who are looking for Canadian bloggers to work with. Until now, there has never been such a comprehensive resource for finding Canadian bloggers, said Gibson.
Claudia Laroye from Vancouver, who has written about destinations such as Thailand and Switzerland, was among one of the nominees to make the list for her blog The Travelling Mom.

"This list is a super-charged, tip-packed travel resource, useful for travel-loving Canadians everywhere," said Laroye.

For more information on the Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs see our 25 Top Canadian Travel Bloggers Photo Gallery (for media outlets to download and post) and list of more than a dozen quotes about the list from bloggers (for articles).

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