July 30, 2014 09:01 ET

Meet Gone! The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get the Most Value for Your Stuff

The Gone! App Lets You Make the Most Money for the Stuff You Don't Use, Without the Hassles; Services Available Austin and San Francisco; More Cities to Launch in Coming Months; Company, a TechStars Austin Graduate, Raises $1 Million in Seed Funding

AUSTIN, TX and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2014) - Finally, the days of sitting on thousands of dollars worth of technology and things you no longer use are -- Gone! Today marks the launch of the Gone! app, the one-stop shop to unlock the most value for your stuff. The average household sitting on approximately $3,000 of items that are no longer used, but in the amount of time it takes to snap a photo, Gone! takes on all of the work to resell any item for the best price. If the item(s) can't be sold, Gone! is the only app that will arrange for the item(s) to be donated, or for the item(s) to be recycled/removed.

To see how easy it is to use the app, check out this video.

"If it were as easy to sell your stuff as it is to buy it all, we would all be a little richer, and that's precisely why we created the Gone! app," said Gone! CEO and co-founder Nicolas Bayerque. "Gone! makes 'out with the old' as easy as 'in with the new' by doing all of the work for you. No matter the item, we will get you the best price and, if the item can't be resold for cash, Gone! will find another solution that will unlock as much value as possible. Now the days of remembering logins for different marketplaces, researching prices, printing labels, waiting for a sale or handling deals directly with strangers are -- Gone!"

Gone! is now available in Austin and San Francisco for iOS with Android coming soon. To be the first to download the Android app when it's available, Android users can register now and download the waiting app here. The service will launch in more cities in the coming months, but people can bring Gone! to their city faster by downloading the apps now and registering their account, and by tweeting the hashtag #BringGonetoYourCity.

The company also announced today that it has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors, including TechStars, David Cohen's Bullet Time Ventures, Cygnus Capital, Nxtp.Labs, Socialatom Ventures and Angel investors from Austin and the Bay Area.

Using Gone!

After downloading the Gone! app, the user simply takes photos of an item -- or multiple items -- to show the condition, writes a brief description, and uploads that information via the app. Alternatively, users can also take video of multiple items to more thoroughly describe the condition. Once the information is uploaded, Gone! pricing experts will send the user an in-app message with the best possible price in a matter of minutes. If the seller agrees to the price, Gone! sends a representative to drop off a Gone! box to pick up the item -- the seller never has to bother with shipping. If the item can't fit in the box, the Gone! representative will personally pick up the item.

Once a buyer acknowledges receipt of the product, Gone! will deposit the credit into the seller's account, or if the seller requests, will cash out the credit by sending the user a check within 3-4 business days.

Unlike any other service, if the item can't be sold, Gone! will arrange for the item to be picked up and donated so that Gone! users can still the most value possible in the form of tax credit. Finally, if the item can't be donated, Gone! will help arrange for recycling or trash pickup.

The Gone! Difference

  • Gone! will get users the most value for their items: Gone! isn't limited to one marketplace, which can affect price. And, Gone! pricing experts apply years' worth of online selling experience to ensure users get the most value for their items. Gone! users also aren't limited to receiving gift cards like other services -- they get a check. Finally, even if the item can't be sold, only Gone! will still help users find value, whether it's a tax credit for donations or the satisfaction of reducing waste by recycling the item.

  • Gone! is easy: There are no forms to fill out. No emails to send. Nothing to ship. Gone! lets people describe items the way they want to with pictures and video. And only Gone! takes out the worry and hassle of shipping for users.

  • Gone! is fast: Within a few minutes of uploading the item information, users will get details on the best sales path for the item. Within a couple of days, the item will be gone and shipped to the buyer. And within 3-4 days of cashing out Gone! credit, users will receive their check.

  • Gone! doesn't limit the items: Gone! users are not restricted to electronics like phones or tablets. From furniture to collectibles to sports equipment, Gone! will find the most resale or reuse value for users.

For more information, including screenshots, logos and video, visit, and follow them on Twitter @thegoneapp and Facebook.

About Gone!

Gone! is changing the way people look at their stuff by eliminating the paralyzing work or guilt that is associated with getting rid of unused items. The app, available for free on iOS with Android availability coming soon, will find the best way to unlock the value of any item, and does all the work to get users the most money they can with minimal effort. From start to finish, Gone! manages the entire process by dropping off boxes to package items, picking up items to sell for the best price, and, when needed, arranging a tax write-off donation or recycling to stay green. A graduate of TechStars Austin, Gone! is backed by industry recognized investors, including TechStars, David Cohen's Bullet Time Ventures, Cygnus Capital, Nxtp.Labs, Socialatom Ventures, and Angel investors from Austin and the Bay Area. For more information, visit, and follow them on Twitter @thegoneapp and Facebook.