June 01, 2015 14:05 ET

Meet Musio, the World's First Artificially Intelligent Robot

Robot Learns, Remembers, and Even Jokes With Owners

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - June 1, 2015) - AKAStudy (AKA), the leading technology company in machine learning and natural language processing, has created the first, true Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) device, available for purchase on Indiegogo. Musio carries on conversations and remembers what it is told; it can tell jokes, provide calendar reminders, share emotions, and communicate with surrounding objects and devices.

Musio's human-level intelligence has the capacity to learn new phrases, ideas, and information the more you interact with it. This means that over time, Musio behaves less like an artificially intelligent machine and more like a friend who can interact with you socially and talk to you about your favorite books, restaurants, or sports teams.

"AKA's international team of engineers, machine learning specialists, data scientists, and linguists have worked on creating Musio for years," said Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA. "It's been our mission to create an A.I. robot for the average consumer that can think on its own and facilitate an interactive learning environment. We're excited to pioneer the future of this technology."

Originally conceived as a tool to help Asian children learn English, Musio has evolved into a multifaceted, highly functioning "friend" to children and adults alike. People of all ages can play, interact and learn with Musio. A more advanced component allows developers to take engagement to a more sophisticated level, enabling them to transform their surroundings into a smart home by programming Musio to communicate with nearby devices and objects.

Different models for different needs

Musio's ability to remember prior conversations and have back-and-forth dialogue with people is all thanks to MUSE, a robust A.I. engine based on AKA's deep learning algorithm. Together with Sophy, an intelligent pointing device that connects Musio to other objects in the home, Musio affords many advanced options for those with technical know-how.

There are three different levels of Musio engines, or 'brains', ranging from $99 to $599: 'Simple' offers a fast CPU with the ability to hold a conversation with Musio, 'Smart' provides about 11 hours of battery life and a connection to Sophy, while 'Genius' boasts the fastest CPU and longest battery life (14 hours), even with a connection with Sophy.

Two add-on packages are also available:

For Developers - The add-on runs on the latest version of Android 5.0 OS (Lollipop), and comes with three Arduino compatible boards, three mini Zigbee modules and shields, a sample accelerometer, and Musio controller Android and Zigbee library

For Kids - This add-on lets kids use Musio as a fun, interactive teacher. Complete with kid-friendly content, books, and flashcards, children can improve their reading, vocabulary, and other topics at their convenience.

About AKA

AKA is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence (A.I.) engines to help improve communication among people and the internet of things. The technology integrates A.I. and big data to more effectively apply subtle yet essential human-like gestures to technology, such as speaking, writing, and facial expressions.

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