Meet People Cards

Meet People Cards

November 15, 2010 12:35 ET

Meet People Cards Are the Fun, Safe Way of Meeting People

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2010) - Bring sizzle and excitement to your life. Just smile and hand them out. It is that easy. Let the cards do the talking for you. These cards will help people who are single, new in the city or neighbourhood or a bit shy to meet new friends. This is the simple adventurous way. Friends first then possible lovers. Life is about relationships.

These unique cards (your silent friends) reveal your contact information discreetly and communicate your desire to meet. There are 21 different cards in an elegant holder. Approach a stranger without embarrassment. Imagine the excitement of handing the card to a potential friend and hearing "I'd love to meet for coffee."

Unlike online dating there is no initial fear or intimidation at the first meeting. You already met when your card changed hands. These unusual cards will break the ice. You can hand them out anywhere to someone you would like to meet; library, gym, supermarket, hardware, book store, theatre, sporting event, elevator or bus. The opportunities are endless. Most of us have seen someone interesting, perhaps several times, at a place we both visit and wish we could meet them.

Daytime encounters give you the confidence to relax and not feel threatened. Your new email address ensures privacy and confidence to get better acquainted.

Starting a new social life is challenging in itself, especially in an unfamiliar city, new job or new circumstances. Yesterday ended last night; every day is a new beginning. You can be fun-loving and dynamic at any age.

Strangers are friends waiting to happen! Friends double our joy and divide our sorrows. Meeting new people is fun instead of stressful.

Steve: An interesting way to meet other than clubs and dances.

Dave: Great. The cards suggest 'coffee only, no commitment.'

Marilyn: This is an easy solution to my shyness.

George: I stutter when nervous, no stress here.

Lisa: I'm a CEO, men are afraid of my title - will use these cards.

Marg: Just separated and moved to a new town. This will be my first step

Cathy: Perfect I can invite a guy for coffee without the usual sexual overtones.

Donna: My divorced son is back home. He needs a life.

Rick: Dumped after 25 yr marriage. Maybe these cards can get me going.

The cards are a great gift.

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