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September 17, 2014 09:00 ET

Meet ruxit: Where Artificial Intelligence Manages Applications

Cloud Software Companies Get Real Answers to Application Problems With New Monitoring Technology

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2014) - With advancements like DevOps and continuous delivery, application development and deployment has become more challenging. So why haven't application monitoring approaches evolved to keep up? The market is crowded with monitoring tools offering a myriad of individual data points and unspecific alerts, which lack context and leave users alone when solving production problems. That's why ruxit, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based performance monitoring and analytics solution, is launching today to show cloud companies how to manage and solve operational application problems better and faster.

As applications get more complex, the ability to solve problems is limited to how quickly the operations people can process information. ruxit multiplies that processing power by analyzing hundreds of millions of application dependencies instantly. The solution monitors everything in real-time -- from the infrastructure and cloud layer, all the way up to real users' browser interactions. Using an AI technology called smartscape, ruxit gives its users a full view of how applications, processes and servers work together. Instead of getting just another alert when there's an application problem, ruxit users learn how to fix it by viewing a real-time map of the problem's progress since its origin, as well as a suggested resolution.

"We wanted to build an intuitive application monitoring solution that uses human-like reasoning to solve and analyze problems, without the manual work and time constraints that result when people diagnose these problems themselves," said Bernd Greifeneder, the lead behind ruxit and successful application performance entrepreneur. "ruxit is built to scale for the complexity of public, private or hybrid cloud environments. It automatically monitors every individual application component, quickly finds the root cause of problems and offers a solution, which saves companies valuable time and improves production quality."

ruxit has more than 100 engineers, AI specialists and mathematicians, and is incubated within Compuware. The team focuses specifically on cloud and SaaS environments, and has built the only monitoring solution that uses AI to solve problems, instead of serving up more charts and big data that teams can manage. Think of ruxit as an added layer of context, reasoning and intelligence that goes beyond basic analytics that only identify whether or not an application is working. Here's how ruxit is different:

  • smartscape Technology: A dynamic map shows the causal dependencies between users, applications, services, processes and hosts, providing real-time discovery and insight into the problem's impact.
  • Visual Problem Resolution: An instant replay video of a problem that demonstrates the root cause of an issue and all key processes that are linked to the affected server or application.
  • Full-Stack Visibility: Users can see everything with real-user, network and infrastructure monitoring, applications well as cloud visibility.

"ruxit's dashboard sets new standards in terms of clarity," said Florian Dorfbauer, CEO of UserSnap and ruxit early adopter. "It is obviously designed to help identify problems rather than overwhelm us with metrics."

"Before ruxit, we had monitoring tools like New Relic in place, but we never got the full picture of our production environment," said Mark Kaplan, director of IT at BARBRI, Inc. and ruxit customer. "ruxit tells us exactly what is going on across our whole stack."

As of today, ruxit is available to the general public. Visit to get instant access and give it a try for free.

About ruxit
ruxit brings an artificial intelligence approach to application monitoring, engineered specifically for SaaS software providers and companies running on public or private cloud environments. Unlike any other application performance monitoring solution, ruxit offers full-stack monitoring from the browser down to the infrastructure layer, combined with real, actionable information to solve problems. Using ruxit, customers see a nearly 100 percent decrease in effort to analyze production issues, without any manual maintenance effort. In the first week after deploying ruxit, customers see a 65 percent increase of the production quality of their software. One month into the early adopter program, 1500 people have signed up to use ruxit to improve the performance of their production environments.

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