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Meet the Neighborhood -- Redefines the Online Local Guide With Launch in Boston

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 24, 2008) -

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-- harnesses people's knowledge of Boston to create the most comprehensive destination for finding and sharing information on anything and everything about the Metro-Boston area.

-- Povo goes far beyond business listings and reviews to reflect everything that defines and shapes our cities and towns. Find out about the best breakfast spots, identify which places are kid friendly, locate the cheapest places to park when you get there and see which parks are nearby for your kids to play in afterwards. Povo is not just listings of the hottest clubs and restaurants but neighborhood intricacies such as the nearest mailboxes, community gardens and tennis courts.

-- Povo captures the true spirit of each neighborhood by focusing on a collective description of a place or business. Because of this balanced approach, Povo provides a more authentic and useful view than a series of individual opinions.

-- Povo is the next generation of the programmable Web. Povo's wiki-based architecture provides a unique format for users to create, contribute, and collaborate on local information. In a major enhancement to typical user-generated sites, Povo users can build and share entirely new ways of searching with incredibly specific detail.

-- People can contribute to Povo by:

      --  Editing anything about an existing business listing or adding a
          new one.
      --  Adding tags or keywords to listings to help other users find
          things with ease.
      --  Rating or reviewing a listing to share their opinions.
      --  Adding photos of places, listings, events or anything local.
      --  Jotting down a quick thought about a place by writing
          "graffiti" -- e.g., "Park on the side street while the main road
          is being paved" or "The bakery is closed for renovations until
          June 15th."
      --  Building their own search engine to find things in a new and more
          intuitive way, such as "Where can I park around the restaurant
          for less than $20?"

-- Povo is for everyone, including those that like to be in the know and those who like to share what they know best about the city in which they live, work and play.

-- All Povo content is available under a Creative Commons License, which allows users to remix, repurpose and transform the information for their own sites, blogs or services. will feature a series of resident experts. The first is Boston Red Sox assistant general manager, Jed Hoyer. Click here to see Fenway from his perspective.

Boston is rated the third greenest city in the nation and Povo seeks to become the most comprehensive, accurate source of information for what's green in and around the city. Find out where to buy locally grown foods, where to find environmentally-friendly dry cleaners and other ways Povo users can live the green life in the Boston area.

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Povo's Registration Page

About Povo

Quotes attributable to Max Metral, CEO and Founder, Povo:

"We started as an open-source local guide for people looking for information about Boston. Our vision for Povo goes far beyond making it a source for restaurant reviews. Povo is parks, post offices, potholes, plumbers and pubs. Povo is not just Boston, 02116, the South Shore or Back Bay. Povo is Appleton Street, Pearl Street, Bay Village and every block and tiny playground in our city. Most importantly, Povo is not just what we built it to be, it's whatever our users decide it can become. Visitors to our site can not only add, correct or remove information; they can create entirely new ways to display or search for that information."

"For people that need to find the cheapest parking for two hours near the Common or looking for a post office that's open to drop off tax returns, we have user-built search engines for those. We strongly believe that the most powerful local guide is not a generic search engine or a piece of software but the locals, visitors and workers that spend their time in our great city. Povo is simply a platform to allow that variety of people to work towards a common goal."

"The power of Povo is its ability to harness the passion, skill and knowledge of the people who use it. We're continuing to work hard to provide users with as many tools as possible to easily express themselves on We look forward to fostering and watching Povo's growth as it is built collectively by the community."

About Povo

Povo is a hyper-local online guide where you can find or share all kinds of information about the places where you live, work and play. From the everyday to the every once in a while, Povo helps answer all the questions about life in the Hub. Find the closest highly rated Brazilian restaurant with valet parking for less than $20. Discover a park where your kids and your dogs can play off leash. Povo is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood reference guide to your city created for and by people like you. Founded in 2007, Povo is privately held and funded. To find or share your information, visit

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