SOURCE: MegaMania Interactive, Inc.

March 21, 2005 10:58 ET

MegaMania Interactive Unveils New Personal Identity Website for Consumers

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2005 -- MegaMania Interactive, Inc. (MMI) (OTC: MNIA) today announced release of "IDENTITY" a personal website technology for creating an instant Internet presence for families and individuals.

"The vast majority of Internet users don't have an online place of their own," said George Bogle, MegaMania's President and CEO. "IDENTITY gives consumers an easy way to create and manage an online destination without annoying advertising or pop-ups. We were continuously asked by our friends to help them make a website for personal use. Whenever we did, they struggled with how to make changes and keep it updated. We decided to re-engineer some of our small business technology to make a system they could handle on their own."

Identity websites built with MegaMania's software feature a personalized domain name, personalized email for the entire family and a suite of tools including online photo galleries, calendars, message boards and file storage. The benefits of a personal web presence are many. By first obtaining a personal domain name, users are no longer hindered with notifying friends, family and contacts of new email addresses whenever they change ISP's. Having their own domain name makes their email address portable so it remains the same even when changing Internet providers. A personalized email address such as is also more appealing and easier to remember.

Identity's built-in tools allow users to include functionality to their site without learning any new skills. By simply logging into their account control center, Identity users can change their site's look, edit text and manage their tools. Users have the option to password protect all of the tools or any one of the tools independently, allowing them to restrict access by visitors. For example, they can password protect their photo gallery and give grandma her own password. This way, she can see pictures of the grandkids in another state without making the pictures publicly available on the web.

Identity's file library can be used to store personal information such as an eye glass prescription and then allow it to be easily retrieved from any online computer, anywhere in the world. That could come in pretty handy when you're vacationing in Hawaii and break your glasses climbing rocks along the beach.

Identity assists distant families and friends to stay in contact and is excellent for members of the military. The ability for a family to swap photos, mp3 files and messages in one central Internet place is much more powerful and useful than plain old email.

The Identity subscription will retail for around $9.95 per month. MegaMania acknowledges there are similar products on the market for free, however, they inundate the owner and visitors with annoying banner ads and pop-up advertising. Identity's product is advertising free and the Company believes there is a market willing to pay to avoid the advertising. One of the ways MegaMania plans to market Identity is through fund-raising sales at schools and organizations. The benefit of the program for the school is that once an Identity site is sold, the athletic or band department receives an ongoing revenue stream from each subscription, every month.

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