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November 23, 2011 10:00 ET

Meggitt Secures GBP13 Million UK MoD Small Arms Simulator Upgrade

SUWANEE, GA--(Marketwire - Nov 23, 2011) - Meggitt, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and sub-systems for aerospace, defense and energy, is pleased to announce that its contract with the Ministry of Defense for the supply of its Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) to the British Army has been amended.

This involves a £13 million modification and upgrade to the DCCT in which devices needed to support Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) enhancements will be added.

FIST enhancements to 59 of the MoD's 154 DCCTs include three simulators: an underslung grenade launcher sight, a thermal sight and a commander's target locator, for which Meggitt will provide associated ballistics and round effects for SA80/UGL rifle simulators, modifying them to accommodate new thermal sights.

As allowed for under the original contract, the work will enhance the DCCT's capability in line with FIST requirements and complement associated live-fire training.

FIST integration will be supported by Meggitt's new FATS®M100 system architecture which is compatible with the wide range of devices and software packages needed to build on the DCCT's inherent capability.

Meggitt Defense Systems, Ashford, will co-ordinate equipment integration support logistics, using simulator components and new software designed and produced by its sub-contractor Meggitt Training Systems in Suwanee, Georgia, USA.

Ronald Vadas, President of Meggitt Training Systems commented: "The UK MoD is one of our most important customers for virtual and live fire training systems. It is a testament to the confidence our products and systems engender that we are able to continue to work with the UK MoD to meet their requirements."

Meggitt's FATS® DCCT has been the UK MoD's primary small arms training system since 2003. Meggitt delivered the first DCCT to the British Army in 1992. Similar systems are in service with US forces, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in the Far and Middle East.

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About Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems, makers of FATS® and Caswell technologies, a Meggitt company, is the leading supplier of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems, unmanned land and sea vehicles, aerial targets and electronic scoring systems. Following the acquisition of FATS virtual training systems and Caswell International's live-fire ranges and services, Meggitt Training Systems has continued to grow its capabilities based on the legacy of these two key capabilities. Over 10,000 Meggitt live-fire ranges and 5,200 virtual systems are fielded internationally, providing judgmental, situational awareness and marksmanship training to armed forces, law enforcement and security organisations.

Meggitt Training Systems employs more than 400 people at its headquarters in Atlanta and at facilities in Orlando, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, UAE, Australia and Singapore. It can deploy service personnel anywhere in the world for instructor training, system installation and maintenance.

About Meggitt Defense Systems

Meggitt Defense Systems, based in Ashford UK, is the world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of free flying aerial targets. Over 6,000 aerial targets have seen service in over 40 countries, including 12 NATO organisations.

Its simulation products include command and control avionics, scoring systems and innovative naval and land targets.

Meggitt Defense Systems supports the installation, maintenance and repair of weapon training systems manufactured by Meggitt's live-fire and virtual training facility in Suwanee, Georgia (Meggitt Training Systems).

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Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt PLC is an international group operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for its specialized extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader in aerospace, defense and energy. Meggitt employs over 10,000 people at around 40 manufacturing facilities and regional offices worldwide.