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September 27, 2010 09:00 ET

Megola Announces Hartindo Product Lines to Be Demonstrated at the 30th Anniversary Edition Marine Military Expo in Quantico, Virginia September 28-30

POINT EDWARD, ON--(Marketwire - September 27, 2010) -  Megola Inc. (OTCBB: MGON), a leading environmental solution provider, announces that the Hartindo line of products will be demonstrated at the 30th Anniversary Edition Marine Military Expo at Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia on September 28-30th.

"Having demonstrations of the revolutionary capabilities of the Hartindo line of fire-fighting products in front of any large audience is definitely a positive; especially when trying to introduce products into new territories or new markets. We are excited that the Hartindo products have garnered the attention and approvals necessary to be part of such a long running Expo," states Joel Gardner, CEO Megola Inc.

Video demonstrations of the effectiveness of Hartindo Product Lines for Military

About the Show

During September 28-30, members of the defense industry will meet some of their best customers at Quantico, and, on the 28th and 29th, participate in direct exchanges of information at the "Warfighers' Corner." The 30th Anniversary edition of the world's largest military exposition focusing on enhanced capabilities for expeditionary forces will be presented at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia, September 28-30.

Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by Marine Coprs Base, Quantico, the Exposition's home base. MCB Quantico, home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command, is responsible for setting requirements, developing equipment and systems and purchasing the equipment and systems that the Marine Coprs will rely on in the years to come. These vital and unique functions play a large part in positioning Modern day marine as the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.

At the military service level, this major event in the fall at Quantico serves as a premier equipment, systems, services and technology exposition. The exposition is located at the heart of Marine requirements, research & development, acquisition, procurement and professional school activities.

Modern Day Marine began in 1981 when the leadership of the Marine Corps League, a congressionally chartered veteran's organization, sought support for the development of a military exposition focusing on the defense industry's response to the needs of the Marine Corps. Its rich history includes the creation of two user shows -- Marine West and Marine South in the early 1990s. 

The Marine Military Expos are the only shows exclusively targeted to the U.S. Marine Corps Market. In fact, Modern Day Marine military expo is included on the Marine training schedule.

Non-Toxic, Environmentally-Friendly

Hartindo AF21

Unlike many current fire retardant solutions, which only delay the start of fires, Hartindo AF21 is a total fire inhibitor, rendering all natural materials and many synthetics non-flammable. Water-based, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly, Hartindo AF21 is a safe alternative to current fire retardant chemicals.

Hartindo AF31
Extinguish A, B, C, D and F/K class fires with one extinguisher

Hartindo AF31 is clean, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable fire extinguishing agent, and also acts as an effective fire inhibitor, preventing re-ignition of fuel-based fires. AF31 can also be used to fight forest fires and establish fire breaks in aerial water bombing campaigns.

Hartindo AF11E 

The world's only proven 1:1 direct replacement for both Halon 1301 and 1211. As a total flooding gas, AF11E is the world's first and so far only proven 1:1 direct drop-in replacement for Halon 1301. (LPC-UK LPR6, 2000). In portable form, the performance of Hartindo AFIIE equals that of Halon 1211 (LPC-UK, EN3).

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