SOURCE: Megola Inc.

November 29, 2005 13:54 ET

Megola Inc. Adds Distribution Channel in Italy

CORUNNA, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 29, 2005 -- Megola Inc. (OTC BB: MGOA), a leading environmental solution provider in physical water treatment, air purification, microbiological control, and wastewater treatment, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its distribution network into Italy.

Located in Palermo, Sicily, Nuova Spurghia is a pipe restoration company that knows first hand the effects hardwater, with its resulting scale buildup, has on residential plumbing systems. As hardwater has traditionally been combated with the use of chemicals, if it was treated at all, the company has identified the need to diversify their operations and bring environment-conscious products into their existing business.

Nuova Spurghia will now have the ability to remedy the harsh effects of scale build up by offering the ScaleGuard technology to their customers rather than the sole, and very costly, solution of replacing the existing plumbing infrastructure. Upon repairs or new plumbing installations they now have a product that they can market as a preventative measure to help their customers avoid hardwater problems in the future.

With hardwater being so prevalent, Italians, aside from being one of the largest consumers of bottled water for drinking often must use it for cooking and making tea and coffee.

According to the Mineral Water Association of Japan, consumption in Japan in 2003 was 11.5 liters per person, compared with 85.5 liters in the United States (2003), 103.8 liters in Germany (2001), 141.6 liters in France (2001) and 149.7 liters in Italy (2001).

With mineral water costing, on average, about 500 times as much as tap water the need for a hardwater solution in Italy's residential sector is obvious.

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