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March 10, 2011 08:00 ET

Member Stores Increase Greater Than Expected, RiMart Store Locations Will Double Over the Next 60 Days

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - March 10, 2011) - Grupo International, Inc., (PINKSHEETS: GRPI) President Richard Ramon announced today, "that just after one month of offering the new Member Store Association Program," 20 more new retail stores have agreed to change their stores to the RiMart name and logo and now will start offering RiMart products. This "quick start" is a very encouraging response to the Company's new program, which has only been available for approximately 30 days with limited exposure. The Company hopes to capitalize on this "get acquainted program" in that it allows stores to convert over to the RiMart family of stores with low cost and easy transition. Store owners can convert later to a larger franchise store opportunity that the company offers upon qualification for the bigger and more profitable programs. As a new member (of RiMart), the stores are immediately eligible for a small credit line to aid in their inventory purchases. This eligibility also applies to offering the new RiMart Credit Card to its qualified customers. This business model is exceptional in that as more stores join, a domino effect is taking place causing other stores to evaluate the many advantages of the RiMart programs. These programs, in many cases are rarely offered to the consumer and small business person before. Many areas have been introduced to this plan and have shown to be well received with positive results. 

RiMart is a branded trade name for the various size hardware stores currently offered only in Baja California. Plans are now underway to offer this business opportunity throughout other Central and Latin American countries. The estimated average sales for these new stores are approximately $20,000.00 a month. These stores are the conventional style of stores located throughout developing nations. These are the "local community" stores that are frequently used as a neighborhood point of sale and allows for a local business opportunity for those small businesses. The advantage of the RiMart stores is that they qualify for government assistance, for no interest loans, which are important factors in promoting business for the economical developments in these regions. It is estimated, for example, that there are over 3000 points of sale stores in Tijuana alone that may qualify as new and potential RiMart store locations.

RiMart is a Division of Grupo International Inc. which not only supplies product to the RiMart stores but operates a large Construction Division, Raw Materials Division, Block Manufacturing, and a New Credit Division. For more information please check the Company's Web Site "www." for a more complete description of its products and services. 

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