September 13, 2008 12:39 ET

Members of the Media: AAA Texas Is Closely Following the Overnight Increases in Gasoline Prices as a Result of Hurricane Ike

Spokesman Dan Ronan Is Available in Dallas Today to Answer Your Questions

IRVING, TX--(Marketwire - September 13, 2008) - Gasoline Prices nationwide and in Texas increased overnight as a direct result of Hurricane Ike. Nationally a gallon of gas now costs $3.735, up from $3.675 on Friday -- up 6.0 cents. In Texas the average price of a gallon of gasoline this Saturday morning is now $3.600 after reaching $3.546 on Friday -- up 5.4 cents.

Here's a breakdown of the Texas markets and the increases in those cities.

Amarillo                Friday  $3.539   Saturday  $3.588, Up 4.9 cents
Austin-San Marcos       Friday  $3.608   Saturday  $3.628, Up 2 cents
Beaumont-Port-Arthur    Friday  $3.632   Saturday  $3.654, Up 2.2 cents
Corpus Christi          Friday  $3.582   Saturday  $3.593, Up 1.1 cents
Dallas                  Friday  $3.482   Saturday  $3.562, Up 8.0 cents
El Paso                 Friday  $3.558   Saturday  $3.573, Up 1.5 cents
Fort Worth/Arlington    Friday  $3.482   Saturday  $3.567, Up 8.5 cents
Galveston-Texas City    Friday  $3.489   Saturday  $3,525, Up 3.6 cents
Houston                 Friday  $3.496   Saturday  $3.544, Up 4.8 cents
San Antonio             Friday  $3.553   Saturday  $3.587, Up 3.4 cents
Texarkana               Friday  $3.578   Saturday  $3.752, Up 17.4 cents

Each night AAA and its partner survey electronically more than 100,000 stations nationwide and more than 8000 in Texas. We continue to hear of some stations that have increased their prices higher than the averages, but because our survey is so large those facilities are not distorting the figures and we feel these numbers today are a true indication of the price of gasoline.

"We are in the very early stages of this story and the next few days will be critical when it comes to giving us an indication of how long prices will be increasing. The Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast is home to more than 20% of the U.S. refining capability and we should learn in a matter of days what the power situation is there and if there's any major damage that could take some time to repair," said AAA Texas Media Relations and Community Affairs Manager Dan Ronan. "There are several things motorists can do to make sure they have gasoline but at the same time don't contribute to causing spot shortages. Keep gasoline in your car, but resist the temptation to top off every time you pass an open gas station putting in only a small amount of fuel. Numerous small transactions can cause more of a supply problem than one or two cars filling up from nearly empty," Ronan added.

If you feel you've been the victim of gasoline price gouging, the Attorney General's office is enforcing those laws and there are very specific requirements as to what is and is not gouging. The best advice AAA Texas can give motorists is to save your receipts and after the storm passes then contact Attorney General Greg Abbott's office.

If you have insurance through AAA Texas, please call 1-800-672-5246. Claims Adjusters are standing by to take your calls and questions.

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