September 14, 2011 00:00 ET Gives Kids Access to More Stories, Launches the Story Platform at DEMO Fall 2011

The MeMeTales Story Platform Lets Publishers and Kids Instantly Publish Their Stories Onto Mobile Devices

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - A Scholastic study conducted in 2010 says nine out of 10 children say they are more likely to finish books they choose themselves. Parents also recognize the power of choice -- overwhelmingly parents say, "As long as my child is reading, I just want my child to read books he/she likes." In an effort to give kids access to a wide variety of books that they can choose and read, MeMeTales unveiled its Story Platform that lets any publisher publish their stories into the MeMeTales Reader app in a matter of minutes. Kids themselves can publish their own stories through the Story Platform too!

MeMeTales is already working with a number of publishers including Western Canada's Premier publisher Orca Books, well-known Indian publisher Tulika Books, and Mandy and Pandy Books, distributed by Publishers Group West. MeMeTales is offering the first 5 publishers signing up after DEMO, complimentary publishing partner services (audio, customizations, marketing) valued at over ten thousand dollars.

MeMeTales was founded with the core mission of making reading fun. More than ever, parents today want kids to read for fun. At an age when 25% of the kids between 9-17 believe texting is reading, it has become more important than ever to give kids access to a variety of reading options early on. The MeMeTales Reader App gives kids a steady stream of stories, lets them earn points and stickers and even unlock mini-games related to the stories they have read. The whole system is set up to make the reading experience fun, engaging and educational. MeMeTales Reader app was released in the last week of May 2011. Since then, MeMeTales has had thousands of registered users and stories have been read more than 100k times (full reads). "MeMeTales is the beginning of a long reading journey for a child. We want to help kids build a life-long love for reading and we are well on our way to doing that," says Maya Bisineer, co-founder at MeMeTales. She adds, "Our focus on getting kids to read is strong. We believe that it does not matter why or how kids read. What really matters is that they do read, read early, read a lot and fall in love with reading."

The MeMeTales Story Platform is extremely simple. A publisher needs to upload a pdf, add audio and the story is ready on the mobile reader. Maya reports that publishers love the ease, simplicity and speed of the Story Platform.

The most exciting thing is that the Story Platform lets kids become published authors themselves! MeMeTales rewards kids with story templates as they read more and more. Children can author and personalize stories with familiar characters, publish their stories and share with family and friends. "The active engagement around the stories they love is key," says Maya. "Their sense of accomplishment makes them want to hang around and read more and more. Reading is not about just passive reading. It is about meaningful engagement around the stories they love." Parents and kids also have access to a variety of crafts and activities through the MeMeTales website.

"MeMeTales' focus on making reading fun, engaging and educational is really what differentiates them from several other reading apps or books as apps," says Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO. "The greatest thing perhaps is that with the MeMeTales Story platform kids themselves can become authors and write stories with the characters they love the most. They can even share it with aunts, uncles and grandparents across the world in a matter of minutes."

MeMeTales invites publishers to try their easy, fast and free to use Story Platform and looks forward to partnering with 5 publishers for their upcoming iPad app release. Interested publishers may contact Maya Bisineer (maya at MeMeTales dot com).

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MeMeTales is a publishing platform for publishers along with a compelling gamified e-book reader for kids. The MeMeTales website and mobile application serves as a virtual marketplace for children's picture books. MeMeTales is led by Maya Bisineer, merging her experience as a developer and technology architect with the love of reading stories to her children. MeMeTales is available for download at the Apple app store. FMI:

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