Memories of Me

March 12, 2015 16:16 ET

'Memories of Me' Provides Connection to Loved Ones Who've Passed

Online Time Capsule is safe and secure way to send final goodbyes

BARRIE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 12, 2015) -

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If you had one last message to send...what would it be? For many, when dealing with an imminent or sudden loss of a family member, the words can be hard to find.

Entrepreneur Kelly Lassaline, has found a way that technology can help people leave their goodbyes. Her website Memories of Me is an online resource for people to send private email messages to their loved ones and friends after their death, along with photos, documents or other valuable information.

"For myself, Memories of Me was a way of giving people the solace that their most valuable messages and information would be passed on after they've gone," said Lassaline. "After my father passed away, I found myself writing him a letter that was read at his funeral. It made me wonder what my Dad might have said to me in a letter, if he could."

Lassaline believes there is great desire and gap in the marketplace for this type of service. While the funeral business is estimated as a billion dollar a year industry in Canada, Kelly believes that legal, financial and planning costs of putting a loved one to rest are leaving out the emotional aspect of saying a proper goodbye.

"Our human nature makes it very difficult for people to articulate feelings, especially in a situation where a goodbye is so permanent. There are often regrets, which can make it very difficult for loved ones to move on with their lives, their jobs," said Lassaline. "Imagine the feeling of peace knowing you've said or heard everything that should have been said. We have created a way for people to do that."

Aside from the personal solace, there is a practical benefit to the service. In our ever increasing digital world, just about every business requires you to hold account numbers and passwords. The credit checking firm, Experian, estimates that the average senior has five passwords and holds 26 online subscriptions.

"When my father passed, I realized I didn't even know what bank my mother belonged to," said Lassaline. "For anyone who's spent countless hours on hold with a credit card provider to track down a lost username or password, that is just another element of stress added on top of grief."

Items such as telephone provider, Facebook account info, lock box combinations or other critical information, can all be logged into Memories of Me and released to family members at a later date. The site is SSL certified and all information is private and secure.

A Memories of Me account can be created by any family member, seniors, individuals who are terminally ill, preplanning their funeral and even perfectly healthy individuals who simply want to record and store their invaluable messages safely. A one-time fee is applied based on the number of letters you wish to be sent. Users also have the option to donate 5% of their payment to a charity of their choice. Currently, Memories of Me supports Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Gilda's Club, and Alzheimer's Society of Canada.

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