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January 29, 2007 12:44 ET

Men Stake Their Claim on Valentine's Day

Shopzilla Survey Shows That Cupid's Arrow Has Hit Straight to the Male Heart

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 29, 2007 -- As the roles between men and women continue to blur, so too do attitudes toward certain key holidays. Valentine's Day, traditionally a sacred day dedicated to feminine romancing, is on the verge of becoming a decidedly male day. According to a BizRate Research study conducted for leading comparison shopping search site Shopzilla (, men are going mushy over Valentine's Day. Men are more likely than women to find romance important on Valentine's Day with 83% of men thinking this way vs. 77% of women.

Men actually assign a higher importance to Valentine's Day than do women. Specifically, more men than women say Valentine's Day is 'very' important to them -- 13% of men compared to 8% of women.

Men also feel that they spend more quality time with their loves on Valentine's Day than do women. More men than women spend three quarters of the day (17% vs. 8%) with their significant others on Valentine's Day than do women. More men than women also spend 100% of the day (9% vs. 6%) with their significant others than do women.

But Cupid hasn't overdosed men with the love chemical dopamine. Women are still more likely than men to consider themselves to be romantics (70% of women compared to 60% of men).

Fifty-five percent of women have been let down on past Valentine's Days compared to 33% of men.

"The years of pressure men have faced about getting into the Valentine's Day spirit have clearly paid off, and now they 'get it,'" said Helen Malani, Chief Shopping Expert, Shopzilla. "Meanwhile, women have suffered disappointments over the years and are playing it down a bit more."

Tips for Valentine's Day

1. Look for the commonality in giving. A romantic dinner was by far the gift of choice of both men and women, with 54% of men and 30% of women choosing a romantic dinner as their most preferred gift.

2. Ask what she wants: Don't give her lingerie if that makes you happy, but not her. In fact, only 11% of women said they'd like lingerie as a gift and only 1% chose lingerie as their most preferred gift.

3. For small touches of romantic flare, use 'personalized' gift giving tools to add a special feeling of importance like personal messages on candy or a personalized pair of sneakers. It can make someone feel truly special. A search on Shopzilla for personalized gifts will suggest personalized items in different categories.

4. That 'romantic' feeling you felt for your partner when you first met is often associated with the new experiences you have together, so put a little jet-fuel back into your relationship on Valentine's Day with experiential giving. Try cooking classes, a hot-air balloon ride or horse rides with a cocktail.

Men's Wish List

According to this year's survey, the gifts that top men's most preferred gift list are:*

    ·    romantic dinner (54%)
    ·    tools (14%),
    ·    massage/spa treatments (14%)
    ·    sporting event tickets (11%)
    ·    day with buddies (4%)
    ·    hunting trips (3%)

Women's Wish List

According to the women surveyed, the most popular Valentine's gifts among women are:**

    ·    card (60%)
    ·    romantic dinners (58%)
    ·    flowers (51%)
    ·    jewelry (40%)
    ·    massage/spa treatments (25%)

Can't Buy Me Love

The average person plans to spend $42.31 on Valentine's Day this year. People in relationships plan to spend more money, but the un-married work harder at buying love than the marrieds. Those in domestic partnerships plan to spend the most ($55.94), followed by married people ($47.85), and the singles spent the least ($34.54).

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About the Survey:

The survey of 859 online shoppers who are members of the BizRate Research Panel was fielded January 17-23, 2007.

About Shopzilla, Inc.:

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*These results are from a question asking women to choose from a list what gifts they would like to receive from their significant other on Valentine's Day.

**These results are from a question asking men to choose from a list one gift they would most prefer to receive from their significant other on Valentine's Day.

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