SOURCE: Author Paul Hansen

Author Paul Hansen

December 29, 2009 10:43 ET

Mentoring Can Save Single-Parent Children

Expert Reveals How a "Turnaround Summer" Can Make the Difference

SNOHOMISH, WA--(Marketwire - December 29, 2009) - The dangers for single-parent children have only been exacerbated by a recession that has forced children in single-parent households to spend more time alone while mom or dad spends extra time at work.

According to the National Center on Health Statistics, single-parent children are at risk for a wide variety of problems in later life.

--  Fatherless children are 100 to 200 percent more likely to have emotional
    and behavioral problems.
--  Fatherless sons are 300 percent more likely to be incarcerated in state
    juvenile institutions.
--  Fatherless men are 35 percent more likely to experience marital failure.
--  Fatherless daughters are 92 percent more likely to fail in their own
--  Eight-five percent of children who exhibit anti-social behavior disorders
    are from fatherless homes.

One expert, who was mentored himself at an early age, believes that mentoring -- from inside or outside of a child's family -- can help fill the gaps for children in single-parent households.

"Children in their formative years are looking for direction from an adult in their life," said Paul Hansen, author of "Turnaround Summer" from Book Publisher's Network ( "This guidance should preferably come from a parent, but the real qualification is that it be from someone who always listens closely, reinforces positive actions, and with guidance encourages kids to go beyond their comfort zone. Young minds are curious and need direction, discipline and an outlet for their creativity."

Hansen understands that concept from experience, having been mentored at a time in his life when he was heading down the wrong path.

"I lived this, and I speak from first hand experience about the power of that turnaround summer," he said. "I was taken out in the wilderness and taught how to survive off the land. I didn't realize about the conditions, about the fact that I was totally in for a surprise or, better yet, a shock about how survival in the wilderness takes place. That experience changed my life and paved the way for me to be successful in business and in life."

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Paul Hansen, author of "Turnaround Summer" from Book Publisher's Network ( has three sons with his wife Linda and in 2007; he retired after a 30-year career as a building contractor.

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