SOURCE: Mereco Technologies Group, Inc.

Mereco Technologies Group, Inc.

April 03, 2012 09:02 ET

MERECO Silver Adhesive Meets Customer Packaging Requirements

WEST WARWICK, RI--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - Mereco Technologies manufactures a silver-filled electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that is supplied in popular packaging alternatives for a wide range of cold soldering applications.

Mereco METADUCT® 1202 Silver Adhesive is a silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy which is specifically designed for lead attachment cold soldering, chip bonding, and lead frame bonding applications. Supplied in plastic bubble packs from 2 to 200 grams, five kits from 2 to 32 oz., and pre-mixed and frozen syringes, this silver adhesive cures at room temperature.

Solvent-free, non-bleeding, and thixotropic, Mereco METADUCT® 1202 Silver Adhesive is compliant with NASA's outgassing specification. It has a volume resistivity @25°C of 10-4 Ohm-cm, 800 psi lap shear strength, and exhibits 80D Shore hardness. Typical applications include manufacturing, assembly, and repair of heat-sensitive components.

Mereco METADUCT® 1202 Silver Adhesive is priced depending upon packaging and quantity; with typical 10 day delivery and overnight available. Free samples are provided upon request.


Mereco Technologies Group Companies, Inc. is a global supplier of specialty chemical products, comprised of the Metachem Resins Corporation (MERECO) Division and DMS, a custom resins packager with proprietary technologies in the area of frozen and dual syringe resin packaging. The MERECO brand of high quality specialty chemical products is recognized and sold worldwide.

Founded in 1960, Metachem Resins Corporation (MERECO) is a highly specialized manufacturer of formulated adhesives, electrically conductive resins, encapsulants, epoxies, silicones, thermally conductive resins, urethanes, UV curable systems, and related products for applications in aerospace, defense, electronics, fiber optics, solar cell manufacturing, and other industries. MERECO has developed thousands of proprietary products which are currently included in their formulary, offers research and development as a core competency, and is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Mereco Technologies Group has long been a "captive" supplier to major electronic component manufacturers by functioning as an extension of their design and engineering teams. The company works closely with each customer relative to material, property, and process concepts and designs, through full scale development and production. Their success and growth have resulted from providing engineering solutions to a customer's problems, reducing costs, and improving productivity for their process.

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