SOURCE: Eizo Nanao Corporation

November 20, 2007 15:10 ET

Merge Healthcare, EIZO and Matrox Partner to Provide Advanced 10-Bit Digital Mammography Workstations

Merge Mammo 7.1 to Deliver Leading-Edge 10-Bit Support for EIZO RadiForce Displays and Matrox Display Controller Boards

HAKUSAN, JAPAN--(Marketwire - November 20, 2007) - Eizo Nanao Corporation and Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced that Merge Healthcare will support 10-bit solutions from EIZO and Matrox. Merge Mammo 7.1 has been developed using Matrox 10-bit MED™ Series display controller boards with EIZO RadiForce 10-bit medical displays in order to display images with up to 1,024 simultaneous levels of gray, providing medical professionals with a more complete picture for more accurate diagnoses.

Leaders in 10-bit technology, EIZO and Matrox have developed a range of 10-bit display solutions to meet the specific needs of medical imaging sectors such as mammography. Radiologists and medical imaging professionals who choose Merge Healthcare's 10-bit mammography workstation powered by Matrox 10-bit display controller boards and EIZO 10-bit displays will not be limited to the 256 simultaneous shades of gray offered by 8-bit solutions. Instead, this solution is designed to deliver a greater number of just noticeable differences (JNDs), capable of displaying up to 1,024 simultaneous shades of gray, providing radiologists with a clearer, more accurate image.

EIZO RadiForce specially designed range of 2, 3 and 5 megapixel 10-bit displays combined with Matrox 10-bit display controller boards provide clear and consistent image quality with 10-bit (1,024 tones) displayed simultaneously from a 13-bit look-up table (8,161 tones).

"EIZO and Matrox have collaborated for many years to provide a variety of 10-bit simultaneous grayscale displays to our customers, allowing 1,024 tones to be displayed simultaneously for high-definition medical imaging," said Kazuhide Shimura, managing officer and general manager of the Strategy Group, Products and Business Development at Eizo Nanao Corporation.

Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards support dual displays up to 5MP each in landscape and/or portrait modes, bringing advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with pristine image quality and robust drivers.

"Matrox has been dedicated to producing quality, leading-edge, 10-bit display controller boards for many years," says George Rigas, business development manager for medical imaging, Matrox Graphics, Inc. "Using 10-bit enabled Merge Mammo 7.1 with EIZO's and Matrox's 10-bit display solutions will give medical imaging professionals a grayscale range closer to film, giving them the tools necessary for accurate diagnoses."

Merge Mammo 7.1 presents a breakthrough in specialized mammography workstation applications which display images from any modality vendor. 10-bit display facilitates accurate interpretation by presenting the fullest image quality in digital mammography viewing. In combination with enhanced data handling and viewing protocols, this enhances the radiologists' experience.

"Merge Healthcare is pleased to be working with Matrox and EIZO to deliver one of the first mammography workstations utilizing the advanced 10-bit display controller board. Our customers will be pleased with the enhanced visualization capabilities in this solution," says Tim Kulbago, SVP Engineering and Product Management, Merge Healthcare.

Merge Healthcare will exhibit the 10-bit digital mammography workstation at RSNA 2007 to be held in Chicago, USA, from November 25-29. Merge Healthcare is located in the South building, Hall A, Booth 1122.

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