Merit Contractors Association

Merit Contractors Association

April 10, 2012 11:00 ET

Merit Contractors Association: Contractors Group Says NDP Pipeline Policy Will Kill Jobs

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 10, 2012) - Alberta's Merit Contractors Association is calling the NDP's policy to reject the Keystone and Gateway pipeline projects until they can be filled with oil rather than bitumen, as now planned, a recipe to kill jobs and prosperity.

In Edmonton, Merit Contractors Association President Stephen Kushner said, "Industry experts use the analogy that pipelines are like taxis. One day they may be filled with bitumen, on another, oil. It's important to Alberta's economy that the necessary infrastructure be ready to respond to today's established markets that are willing to pay an appropriate market price for our resource products. Thousands of construction and energy industry jobs are currently tied to recovering bitumen. The NDP plan could result in these valuable resources being shut-in and would result in lost opportunities and jobs for Albertans."

The Merit Contractors Association is a supporter of the "Refine it Where We Mine it" coalition dedicated to adding value to Alberta's energy resource chain.

Kushner added, "Prevailing markets and economics are saying that fully realizing the goal of refining all of our resource products must be phased in over time. The NDP's stand against moving forward on the pipeline projects, as soon as possible, means they want Albertans to give up tremendous opportunities that exist today. Their plan is merely a wishful hope that uncertain global conditions in the distant future will provide suitable economic conditions to attract the multi-billions of dollars of private investment needed to build each upgrader or refinery. This will result in fewer net benefits to Albertans."

The Merit Contractors Association is registered with Elections Alberta to advertise during the current provincial election. Merit has launched a campaign calling on Brian Mason and all NDP candidates to tell Albertans what the impact their anti-pipeline policy will have on jobs and the Alberta economy, should they win.

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