Merit Contractors Association

Merit Contractors Association

September 07, 2012 08:00 ET

Merit Contractor's Association: Transparency Issues Bring New Disclosure Initiatives

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2012) - Merit Contractors Association congratulates Premier Redford's government for their initiative to develop and maintain higher standards of transparency and accountability within the province.

"In many different ways, Albertans are asking for increased financial transparency and Premier Redford should be applauded for bringing these new transparency measures forward," says Merit Contractors Association President, Stephen Kushner, "With these new rules Alberta will now be the most transparent government in the country."

These new transparency initiatives fall in line with the PC Party Platform, which states that a PC Government will introduce the 'Paycheque Protection, Transparency and Freedom to Choose' Act that will make it mandatory for trade unions to provide existing and prospective members with annual financial statements that summarize and disclose how dues were spent in the previous year, as well as give union members the ability to opt-out of the proportion of union dues that fund activities unrelated to collective bargaining and grievance administration.

"Union financial transparency is critical in Alberta and across the country because the dues that unions collect are tax deductable," Kushner explains, "and since taxpayers are forgoing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, they deserve to know where the money is being spent."

The media attention that has brought to light numerous cases of questionable expense claims, leading to the government's increased transparency measures come at a time when Leger Marketing has released a survey reflecting Albertan attitudes towards union financial disclosure. In that study, 94% of respondents agree that during a union organization drive a worker should be able to obtain financial information about the union. Further, 86% believe that it should be mandatory for all unions to publically disclose their finances.

Merit Contractor's Association applauds the new financial transparency requirements announced by the government of Alberta and urges Premier Redford and her government to make good on its election promise to Albertans regarding union financial transparency and the ability to opt out of portions of union dues.

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