Merz Pharma Canada Ltd.

Merz Pharma Canada Ltd.

September 20, 2010 11:43 ET

Merz Pharma Canada Ltd.: Advantage Program-XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2010) - Merz Pharma Canada is pleased to introduce the AXcess Advantage Program / XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan. This new program is designed to increase access and availability to those adults requiring Xeomin for the symptomatic management of Blepharospasm, Cervical dystonia of a predominantly rotational form (spasmodic torticollis) and Post-stroke spasticity of the upper limb.

The AXcess Advantage Program/XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan will assist patients with their out of pocket prescription expenses by paying up to 20% of each XEOMIN® prescription.* The objective of the program is to broaden the access and availability to patients who could benefit from XEOMIN® therapy.

The participation process is very easy. When a physician initiates therapy with XEOMIN® they simply give the patient an AXcess Advantage Program/XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan card. The patient presents the prescription and the card to their pharmacy to facilitate the payment process. This benefit will apply to the first and all subsequent XEOMIN® prescriptions!*

Physicians will find the AXcess Advantage Program/XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan to be a great new way for patients to help reduce the cost of their therapy. It's just one of the ways Merz Canada demonstrates their commitment to patients.

Merz welcomes the opportunity to discuss the details of the AXcess Advantage Program/XEOMIN® Patient Assistance Plan with physicians personally. For more information physicians should contact Merz Pharma Canada Ltd. at 1-877-811-6379.

As always, Merz would like to thank Canadian physicians for their continued support of XEOMIN®, now and in the future.

XEOMIN® as a treatment for focal spasticity has been studied in association with usual standard care regimens and is not intended as a replacement for these treatment modalities. XEOMIN® is not likely to be effective at a joint affected by a fixed contracture. XEOMIN® may only be used by physicians with suitable qualifications and proven experience in the application of Botulinum toxin type A and in the use of the necessary equipment, e.g. EMG (electromyography).

Serious Warnings and Precautions

  • The term "unit" or "U" upon which dosing is based, is a specific measurement of toxin activity that is unique to XEOMIN®. Therefore, the "unit" or "U" used to describe XEOMIN® activity are different from those used to describe that of other botulinum toxin preparations and the units representing XEOMIN® activity are not interchangeable with other products.

  • Follow the recommended dosage and frequency of administration for XEOMIN® (See DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION).

Please refer to the product monograph for important information about contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, dosing, and patient selection.

About MERZ Pharmaceuticals Canada

Established in 2009, Merz Pharmaceuticals Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH. As an innovative international healthcare company, it markets XEOMIN® (Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A (150 kD) free from complexing proteins) and other products in Canada and around the world.

*Program subject to change without notice.

XEOMIN® is a registered trademark of Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH. Full product monograph available on request.

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