mesh conference

mesh conference

November 09, 2011 09:30 ET

meshmarketing Conference Gathers Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

Keynote speakers include Klout's Joe Fernandez

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2011) - meshmarketing: a one-day event on November 15, 2011, at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, will bring together some of the most innovative minds and practitioners in the digital marketing world.

The digital marketing landscape is fast moving and constantly evolving. For people interested in gaining insight, intelligence and information about what's happening at the leading edge of social media, online communications and digital innovation, including direct practical advice about what your organization needs to do, meshmarketing '11 is the place to be.

"We've got a great line-up of speakers from across North America," said Mark Evans, co-founder of the mesh conference. "Anyone looking to learn about emerging tools, trends and companies in this space will find meshmarketing is a great opportunity to engage and connect with experts in the field. Attendees will leave with new insights they can immediately put into practice in their own organizations."

Tickets are on sale now for $589, as well as a small number of tickets for students for $99. Tickets can be purchased at

Keynote speakers at this year's meshmarketing conference include:

Joe Fernandez, founder, CEO, Physically constrained while his jaw was wired shut for nearly three months, Joe began to develop a deep fascination with the evolution of influence within the social web. The way individuals could instantly broadcast questions, opinions, and ideas to their trusted network sparked his curiosity. In 2008, Joe started Klout in an effort to help businesses understand this individual user impact by providing context around who a person influences and what topics they are particularly influential in.

Greg Hounslow, Emerging Media Advisor for WestJet. In addition to managing the company's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube communities, Greg is involved with developing the short- and long-term strategies for social media at WestJet. An avid follower of new technology and emerging media trends, Greg is also passionate about travel and tourism, photography, hockey and the great outdoors.

Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman: In this role, Rubel studies the future of media and works across the firm's practices and geographies to help clients unify their communications strategies across traditional, emerging, owned and social channels. In addition, Rubel also acts as a highly visible Edelman thought leader and writer on media, technology and digital culture.

The other speakers at meshmarketing include:

  • Felicia Yukich | Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
  • Gail Gabrielle Ordogh | Real Sports at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  • Jason Lonsdale | TAXI
  • Krista LaRiviere, gShift Labs
  • Kunal Das | Microsoft (Bing)
  • Marcus Sheridan | The Sales Lion
  • Patrick Gladney | Social Media Group
  • Nina Sohi | Blu Trumpet
  • Rod Smith | IBM
  • Scott Lake | Swix
  • Sheldon Levine | Sysomos

Here's a look at what attendees can expect from this year's conference panels and discussions:

- Is there Room for New Players within Social Networking?: How is the social networking landscape changing? What impact will Google+ have on Facebook and the overall ecosystem? What do you need to know and do? A discussion with Steve Rubel and Dave Kerpen about the evolving landscape.

- Search Beyond the Little Square Box: With the growth of social media and the real-time Web, how is searching changing and where is it going? What's the impact on search engine optimization and search engine marketing?

- Data Here, There and Everywhere: Analyzing and Leveraging Big Data. How can you measure, analyze and leverage the growing mountain of data to make smarter strategic and tactical decisions? How do you determine the most relevant metrics, and what are the best approaches and tools to use?

- Gaining Wisdom, Insight and Intelligence from Social Media: Monitoring. Monitoring has become an integral part of the social media landscape. The challenge facing many companies is figuring out what the data means and what to do with it so they can make smart strategic and tactical decisions. This panel looks at pulling intelligence and insight from social media after it has been monitored and filtered.

- Luxury Brands and Digital Marketing: A growing number of luxury brands are using digital marketing and social media to reach and engage with consumers. How are their approaches, efforts and campaigns different from non-luxury brands? Is the use of digital marketing hurting or helping luxury brands?

- Life in a Post-Desktop World: In a world in which the PC is surely but slowly fading into the background, what does the emergence of mobile computing mean to marketers when it comes to reaching consumers and driving sales?

- Social Media in the Trenches: For all the talk about best practices and tools, the best advice about using social media comes from companies and people on the front lines, who can provide real-world insight into how to leverage social media to drive awareness, customer service and sales.

- The Value and Role of Content Marketing: It seems like the old adage that "Content is King" is alive and well as more companies recognize that providing existing and potential customers with a steady flow of content (blog posts, videos, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts, photos) is a great way to drive engagement, loyalty and stickiness.

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