SOURCE: Mesothelioma Victims Center

Mesothelioma Victims Center

November 23, 2015 07:30 ET

Mesothelioma Victims Center Urges Diagnosed US Navy Veterans or Their Family to Call Them About the Nation's Top Mesothelioma Lawyers and Warns the VA Does Not Sponsor Help for a Vet With This Rare Cancer

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - November 23, 2015) - The Mesothelioma Victims Center is saying, "We are urging all US Navy Veterans with mesothelioma and/or their family to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 for instant access to the nation's top lawyers for compensation, and for very honest advice as well. Please don't say no to the best possible mesothelioma compensation."

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "There is no Veterans Administration or federal agency assigned to help Veterans with mesothelioma. The websites on the Internet are most typically associated with mesothelioma middleman marketing law firms, as opposed to the government. If you are a Veteran and you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or this is your family member, please call us at 866-714-6466 for on-the-spot access to the nation's top mesothelioma lawyers who consistently get the best compensation results, as well as information on the best possible treatment options."

Mesothelioma Victims Center wants Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma to have extremely honest information:

  • "There is no such thing as a "Federally Sponsored Mesothelioma Claim Center." Avoid doing business with a law firm that makes it sound like they are in some way associated with the VA.
  • "Compensation claims for mesothelioma may sound complex, but it doesn't have to be. The lawyers we suggest handle mesothelioma compensation claims exclusively and on a nationwide basis. This means they travel to the Veteran, regardless of what state he/she may live in.
  • "Do not put off starting the mesothelioma compensation process. Delays in starting a mesothelioma compensation claim can cost a diagnosed veteran hundreds of thousands of dollars or more as we would like to explain anytime at 866-714-6466.
  • "Attention to detail regarding the how, when, and where a Veteran was exposed to asbestos is vital if they want the best possible compensation.
  • "If a diagnosed US Navy Veteran wants the best possible compensation results, they need to have the nation's best mesothelioma lawyers working on their claim. The lawyers we suggest do not get paid unless there is a settlement."

While a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma may have moved away from the state they were exposed to asbestos in, we want to hear from you. States that had facilities that exposed workers to asbestos on a US Navy ship include: Virginia, California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Georgia, Washington, or Maine. Where the ship was based also becomes very important when it comes to mesothelioma compensation as the Center would like to explain anytime to a diagnosed Navy Veteran, or their family anytime at 866-714-6466. http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

High risk work groups for exposure to asbestos include Veterans of the US Navy, power plant workers, shipyard workers, oil refinery workers, steel mill workers, miners, factory workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, and construction workers. Typically the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, or 1980's.

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "If you call us at 866-714-6466, we will see to it that you have instant access to the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys, who consistently get the best possible financial compensation results for their clients.

"Before you hire a law firm, or lawyer to advance a mesothelioma compensation claim please call us first so we can tell you who we consider to be the nation's top mesothelioma lawyers. As we would like to explain skill, and experience matters when it comes to a lawyer representing a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma, or the victim's family." http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

According to the CDC the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

However, based on the calls the Mesothelioma Victims Center receives a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma could live in any state including New York, Florida, California, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Alaska.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health's web site related to this rare form of cancer:

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