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Myscreen Mobile, Inc.

May 06, 2009 07:30 ET

Message from MyScreen CEO

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 6, 2009) -

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Effective May 1st, 2009 Maurizio Angelone became the Chief Executive Officer & a member of the Board of Directors of MyScreen Mobile, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:MYSL)(FRANKFURT:WICI). Prior to joining MyScreen Maurizio Angelone spent 15 years with Nokia in senior executive roles, including his most recent position as Global Account Head for one of Nokia's largest customers, Telefonica S.A.; prior to this Maurizio led Nokia's Latin American division, which generated over US$2 billion in revenue in 2007. Please find below his first communication to shareholders:

May 6th, 2009

Dear Shareholders,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this first letter as CEO of MyScreen Mobile. Joining the MyScreen team and beginning to work on building the Company's future, is a very exciting opportunity. As we enter the second generation of mobile advertising, in this rapidly changing mobile industry, it opens up a entirely new world of endless possibilities for innovation and the opportunity for companies such as MyScreen to spearhead the industry.

I spent the last 15 years in the mobile industry, living through the dramatic changes mobile phones brought to people's daily lives, changes that affected our professional and personal lives in an irreversible manner and that have also reshaped many collateral industries. Today, we live in a world where there are more mobile phones than fixed ones, and there are already millions of people who accessed the Internet for the very first time through a mobile device instead of a fixed computer; mobile advertising is poised to be the next phenomenon, with mobile research firm ABI Research forecasting mobile advertising revenues to reach $19 billion globally by 2011. Advancements in mobile wireless infrastructure and devices will provide enormous opportunities for advertisers as the mobile handset evolves to become a fully-integrated, "connected" computer. Advertisers recognize that the mobile handset presents a unique opportunity to reach their target markets in a personal, measurable capacity like never before and our vision and goal is to strategically position MyScreen to be the leader in the second generation of mobile advertising.

The pace of today's mobile industry is dramatically increasing and the dramatic changes happening in its eco-system are deeply transforming it, with that being said I firmly believe that the key ingredients for MyScreen's success ahead are Speed, Innovative Thinking and Quality of People; those key points will be the focus in order to build a long lasting competitive advantage for our Company.

Speed is at the core of any "winning challenger" in a fast moving environment: willingness to surpass others while they are still figuring out what to do next is critical. Pragmatically, we have had to quickly deploy commercial agreements in key geographies, with key partners, in order to build our framework for a global deployment, while at the same time balancing our resources with clear priorities and focus.

Innovation is a state of mind and unrelated to technology; we cannot build our vision solely on new technologies, as we will eventually become limited by them. We have to put our focus on what our end consumers needs are and on how we can embed in our solutions those elements which make our offer different and unique from the competition, making it significantly more appealing for our end-consumers. The quality of "partnerships" and the way in which we build them, with an open mind and out-of-the-box thinking, also represents a very critical building block of the strength of an innovative company.

Quality of People means having a diverse team of players built on a solid basis of values, carrying the best available competences that we need to excel: the eco-system of the mobile advertising industry is still in a forming phase, so as an organization we need to have the capability to "adapt" with the industry easily, the ability to make changes quickly, and the courage to "shape" our company accordingly, this requires great skills and a very diverse mix of cultures.

Our mission is to create value for consumers and advertisers with global & local brands. The ad-to-mobile space is rapidly evolving from its initial experimental phase utilizing SMS, text or WAP ads to full-screen, visually engaging consumer experiences which are consistent with premium brands. MyScreen's opt-in model has the ability to be very targeted and effective, with the option to specifically track and measure performance of nearly every dollar spent. MyScreen's solution is the most relevant and richest mobile advertising consumer experience delivered in the least intrusive manner.

The premium aspect of MyScreen is that it provides our network operator's partners with a compelling new service, which is easy to deploy and monetize. Network operators are able to easily leverage their existing subscriber base to create an advertising revenue stream and in turn increase ARPU; while at the same time, enabling advertisers to deliver a great brand experience while tracking and measure the campaign performance.

I look forward to the new road ahead as I lead the MyScreen team to successfully execute our business plan, and assist in bringing mobile advertising mainstream for all brands and consumers.


Maurizio Angelone, Chief Executive Officer

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