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October 15, 2010 11:31 ET

Message Management Becoming Ever Greater Key Performance Indicator Amongst PR Professionals

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2010) - The ability for traditional and online PR executives to be able to manage their time and, more specifically, the ever growing number of messages across multiple communications channels has become a vital effectiveness indicator, according to PR, search and social media agency, Punch Communications.

At least two opposing schools of thought have developed regarding best practice for email management. The traditional approach, typically favoured by older executives, is to 'clear the inbox' daily, effectively treating email as a to-do list and saving anything that needs to be archived somewhere outside the email eco-system.

With the advent of tools such as Gmail in recent years, a growing number of users now retain all messages within their inbox, treating it instead as an archive and leaving all content in a single location, not least to facilitate rapid access to relevant information.

With daily email volumes continuing to grow year on year, both approaches require continued energy and attention to ensure that workflow is managed effectively.

However, given the ubiquity of social media and the number of potential channels now open to a PR company, the scale and type of inbound and outbound content has increased dramatically in recent years – and is continuing to rise – which is separating those that are able to plan and manage the flow of information, from those that simply react to what's most pressing.

Pete Goold, founder and Managing Director of Punch Communications, commented:

"As any press officer that has worked at the face of media relations will know, ensuring that incoming enquiries are dealt with swiftly and efficiently is a vital skill.

"How different people choose to deal with this problem results in a number of differing approaches. Often – although certainly not always – there is a distinction based on age, with younger candidates, to whom social media is second nature, wanting to archive everything - whilst older candidates continually attempt to keep on top of their inbox and look to retain some white space there by the end of each day.

"Irrespective of approach, the ability to be able to respond across channels is vital and the same skills are at the heart of the issue – dynamism, energy and creative approach to problem solving, which are core skills that we look for in all candidates."

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