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March 08, 2007 06:00 ET

MessageLabs Launches Next Generation Email Control Services

Managed Email Services Prevent Inappropriate and Confidential Information From Leaving Businesses

NEW YORK, NY and LONDON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 8, 2007 -- MessageLabs, a leading provider of integrated messaging and web security services to businesses worldwide, today announced the launch of version 3.0 of its Email Content Control and version 2.0 of its Email Image Control services. Content Control is a managed email service that allows organizations to identify and control confidential, malicious or inappropriate content sent or received by employees. Image Control is a multi-layered service that scans and detects inappropriate images, such as pornography, in inbound and outbound email. The feature enhancements have been developed to address the growing regulatory, compliance and email security issues facing businesses today.

"Businesses are increasingly dependent on email as a primary communication tool," said Michael D. Osterman, President, Osterman Research. "But it presents several risks for controlling confidential and valuable information from leaving the organization. Content filtering -- inspecting the content of messages before they are sent -- will assume a more important role within messaging management as a means of mitigating risks and managing corporate liability, and to make businesses feel more confident about their email systems."

Offered as managed services, MessageLabs Control Services facilitate the enforcement of acceptable use policies for email and make possible relevant regulatory and legislative compliance by monitoring and controlling image and text-based email content into and out of organizations. The services are highly customizable to corporate messaging environments and allow for various sensitivity settings and routing options. The new functionality offers added granularity and flexibility in line with various corporate email security policies for protecting intellectual property and safeguarding against the risk of litigation.

"Every organization has vast amounts of valuable, and often confidential, information moving across their email systems each day," said Jos White, President, MessageLabs. "Taking a proactive, technology based approach to email policy enforcement and security removes the risk of a violation either through human error or misconduct. The clean up costs and reputation damage from sexual harassment claims, costly litigation, disclosure or loss of confidential information, defamation of character or breach of contract are significant. Enhancements to our control services provide greater control for assisting in regulatory compliance and greater confidence in email use policy enforcement by allowing the level of analysis and protection to match an organization's individual security requirements."

Key Feature Enhancements of MessageLabs Control Services

The MessageLabs Control Services (Content Control and Image Control) benefit from the use of advanced technology powered by MessageLabs Skeptic, which requires processing of fewer inbound emails. Key feature enhancements include:

--  Scanning within Microsoft® Office documents: ensures that Word,
    PowerPoint and Excel files are also analyzed for allowable content (Content
    Control and Image Control)
--  Improved accuracy of Image Composition Analysis (ICA) scanner: offers
    a multi-layered approach incorporating multiple algorithms to analyze a
    wide range of image attributes, including face recognition, body
    positioning, texture and flesh tones for increased accuracy and performance
    (Image Control)
--  Configurable notifications: enables an administrator to change the
    text within a notification to reflect the rule contents to a greater degree
    (Content Control and Image Control)
--  Unpacking of archived (also known as compressed) file types: to scan
    file extensions and MIME types configured within an organization's email
    acceptable use policy (Content Control)
--  Updated, user-friendly management interface: eliminates drilling down
    to see rule details by moving rule management actions to the front rule
    page (Content Control)
--  Extended character set recognition: provides the ability to enter
    specific words or phrases in non-Western characters for recognition within
    email and its attachments (Content Control)
MessageLabs Control Services are offered as two discrete services:
--  MessageLabs Email Content Control v3.0 -- Proactively identifies and
    controls content reaching or leaving an organization. The service can
    replicate an organization's email security policy via a set of defined
    rules and allows management of the service on a user-by-user basis.
--  MessageLabs Email Image Control v2.0 -- As a monitoring and control
    tool, helps protect organizations against hostility in the workplace and
    sexual harassment lawsuits related to incoming and outgoing inappropriate
    images. The service uses multi-layered Image Composition Analysis (ICA) to
    identify inappropriate images going beyond the flesh tone analyzers found
    in other services to provide more accurate detection of pornographic and
    other unwanted images.
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