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June 09, 2009 06:00 ET

Mesuro Launches Industry's First Commercial Active Load Pull Solution

Greening of Wireless Drives Demand for Next Generation Waveform Engineering

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Mesuro Limited, based in Cardiff, UK, announced today the introduction of its active load pull solutions at the IMS 2009 International Microwave Symposium. The MB series enables device and PA manufacturers to fully characterize their devices within an accelerated amplifier design cycle; improve operational reliability, achieve near theoretical efficiency, and high bandwidth in fewer design iterations. For mobile device users this means increased battery life and for network operators lower electricity bills, both aspects reducing CO2 emissions.

The MB series is capable of measuring RF waveforms, power spectrum, s-parameters and DCIV utilizing a new measurement architecture that offers unconditional stability with no wideband artifacts. The MB 20 tests devices and power amplifiers up to 20 W CW, while the MB 150 extends the power level up to 150 W CW.

Mesuro's "Waveform Engineering," pioneered at Cardiff University, enables the replication of s-parameter concepts within the nonlinear domain. The solution simultaneously measures the actual current and voltage at the device, allowing designers to view and engineer their waveforms to match theory.

In co-operation with Mesuro at IMS 2009, AWR is exhibiting their new "Cardiff Model" available on AWR's Microwave Office® Design Environment 2009. Modeling engineers will be able to characterize their device or power amplifier for any signal and impedance environment.

"The Mesuro active load pull solutions are an exciting advancement in measurement technology which will greatly reduce challenges facing device and PA designers today," says Dr Richard Emsley, CEO of Mesuro Limited. "The scientists at Cardiff University have worked closely with industry leaders for many years and Mesuro has developed a very practical commercial solution."

Industry's First Commercially Available Open Loop Active Load Pull System

The new open loop active load pull technique replaces the use of passive tuners with an RF source that adjusts the amplitude, phase, and power level to vary the effective impedance at the DUT interfaces. The solution allows absolute control of all in-band and out-of-band impedances enabling the designer to control the harmonic source/load impedance over the entire Smith chart.

Mesuro utilizes a Tektronix sampling scope to enable simultaneous wideband measurements with a coherent alignment of all spectral components, including the fundamental and multiple higher order harmonics. Additionally, the system measures the DC and baseband response, essential in capturing the often seen memory effects in devices.

Mesuro delivers a comprehensive user interface facilitating complete measurement automation and an intuitive introduction of waveform engineering. The modular design of the system offers easy upgradability for higher power, additional harmonics, lower frequencies and more.

About Mesuro Ltd

Headquartered in Cardiff, UK Mesuro Ltd was established to commercialise RF test and measurement technologies resulting from Cardiff University's world-renowned Centre for High Frequency Engineering. The company has recently undertaken a successful initial funding round, securing over $1.5 million to commercialise and develop its solutions.

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