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December 22, 2008 05:00 ET

Metabolife, Nation's Most Respected Diet Company, Reveals Breakthrough Help on Yo-Yo Dieting

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 22, 2008) - Holding on to unhealthy fat after an initial weight loss happens to everyone. Even top celebrities' recurring battle with weight has been well documented in the press. This yo-yo tendency makes the self promise to lose weight one of the top New Year's pledges and keeps gyms in business when resoluteness for dieters annually fades by March. After successful dieting, the body can actually work against itself, slowing metabolism and making it harder to keep weight off. A patent pending combination of four common ingredients has been shown to help break through the body's natural tendency to hold on to unhealthy fat and slow its metabolism after initial weight loss. This year, dieters get help to keep their New Year's Resolution with the clinically tested and groundbreaking formula of cayenne, green tea, caffeine and the amino acid, L-Tyrosine that is found in Metabolife's "Break Through." Break Through is the first product of its kind that keeps the body's metabolism humming for at least 8 weeks after initial weight loss; just in time to help get past the temptations of the holidays. Metabolife®'s new Break Through is available online at and at drug and grocery retailers nationwide, including Walgreens, Kmart, RiteAid, CVS and Fred Meyer, for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

This metabolism boosting formula was developed by obesity experts, including researcher, Dr. Soren Toubro, while searching for the next significant weight management formula. "In our clinical trials," said Dr. Soren Toubro, "we started with a group of 80 obese individuals who lost a significant amount of weight on a hypocaloric diet. The effect of adding our compound was a sustained increase in thermogenesis for eight weeks combined with an improved reduction in fat mass. The results of the double blind study are exciting because we were able to maintain the metabolic increase from week one to week eight. This is unprecedented with an ephedra free compound." The formula became part of a 2-Stage weight management program by Metabolife that is designed in stage one, to help you lose weight and in stage two, to maintain your success longer after initial weight loss.

"Every year, people make New Year's resolutions to stop smoking, get fit and lose weight," said Bruce Renick, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, ISI Brands Inc. "Yo-yo dieting Americans are searching for answers. Losing weight is a joyous accomplishment, but the frustration of watching our bodies hold on to fat after we've so worked hard to take it off is painful. This is truly a groundbreaking diet aid that helps the body break through by maintaining the full metabolic effect for at least 8 weeks after initial weight loss, helping to reduce unhealthy fat."

Metabolife® ( is a dietary supplement brand with six products that include Metabolife Ultra®, Metabolife® Green Tea, Metabolife® Caffeine Free, Metabolife® Break Through, Metabolife® Extreme Energy and Metabolife® Aqua Slim™. All the Metabolife® products are supported by MLifeSupport on, a free online community of inspiration, motivation and real help from experts and peers. Metabolife® is a product of ISI Brands® Inc. ( ISI Brands is a proactive health and wellness educator and provider of over 850 high-quality, ready-for-sale natural vitamins, nutrients and other health supporting tablets, capsules, powder drink mixes, nutritional snacks and bars. ISI Brands® include Twinlab® Fuel®, Twinlab® Nutrition, Alvita®, Nature's Herbs®, Cole Water®, Dr. Weil™ and Dr. Greene™ brand products. ISI Brands Inc. provides end-to-end product formulation, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, marketing, sales, and fulfillment services.

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