March 31, 2015 09:01 ET Portable Grommet Attaching Machine Is Ideal for Oversize Fabrications

DIGHTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - has introduced a new, lightweight portable pneumatic grommet press that lets operators walk around oversize fabrications and uniformly attach grommets with minimal effort rather than moving large the large items.

The ClipsShop® CS-TIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Machine features a carrying handle and convenient push-button operation to let users efficiently attach metal grommets to all types of large fabrications. Fully portable, it only weighs 15 lbs. and lets the operator walk around the fabrication to attach grommets rather than constantly pulling and moving the item to the machine.

Ideal for attaching #XX00 to #5.5 metal grommets to large banners, tarpau-lins, tents, and truck covers, the ClipsShop® CS-TIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Machine applies uniform pressure to create a consistent, finished product in less time; with minimal operator fatigue. Standard features include a finger safety guard and a hollow die with a drawer for collecting slugs.

The ClipsShop® CS-TIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Machine is priced from $989.00. A full line of mechanical bench presses is also available.

About is a leading source for high-quality grommets and grommet attaching machines to meet the needs of small and large companies in many industries. As the premier North American Master Distributor for ClipsShop® brand products, the firm offers a full range of products that are at the top of the market at below-market prices. Owned and operated by RNR Plastics, a trusted manufacturer of specialty vinyl pouches and related products for over 20 years, was initially developed to provide RNR's valued customers with quality metal eyelets and grommets as accessories to their vinyl products. 

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