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March 14, 2017 06:00 ET

MetaMetrics and Istation Expand Partnership to Link Quantile Measures for Math and Lexile Measures for Spanish

Through an expanded partnership, Istation customers will receive Quantile measures and Spanish Lexile measures to differentiate instruction and monitor growth

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - March 14, 2017) - Istation, an award-winning adaptive learning program, and MetaMetrics®, developer of scientific measures of academic achievement, announce today an expanded partnership that will allow educators to access a student's mathematical ability as a Quantile® measure and Spanish reading ability as a Spanish Lexile® measure. Quantile measures and Spanish Lexile measures will be available to Istation customers this fall.

By providing Quantile measures in ISIP™ (Istation's Indicators of Progress) Math, teachers will receive additional and enhanced data about student math capability and progress in mathematics from kindergarten to eighth grade. Quantile measures help improve mathematics teaching and learning by helping educators target instruction and monitor student growth toward proficiency standards and the mathematical demands of college and careers. Educators and parents can use Quantile measures to access free resources at students' unique ability levels on, including more than 580 textbooks, 64,000 lessons and 3,100 downloadable resources.

By linking ISIP Lectura Temprana and ISIP Lectura Avanzada to MetaMetrics' El Sistema Lexile para Leer (the Spanish-language version of the widely adopted Lexile® Framework for Reading), educators and parents will have a common scale for monitoring student progress throughout the school year. Spanish Lexile measures also help educators and parents connect students with Spanish instructional materials that match their reading abilities. Educators and parents can go to to find Spanish books at their reading level.

"We are delighted to announce an expanded partnership with MetaMetrics," said Sandra Thomas, President and COO of Istation. "We know how important it is to ensure that educators and parents have the data they need to understand their students' learning needs. We believe that by expanding our partnership with MetaMetrics, we will continue to deepen the level of information available to our customers."

"Istation is helping students across the nation learn and grow," said Malbert Smith, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder of MetaMetrics. "We are excited that Istation will be using our mathematics and Spanish metrics as a growth measure and to connect students to ability appropriate materials."

Istation and MetaMetrics have been in partnership since 2014, when MetaMetrics' Lexile scale was linked with the ISIP Early Reading and ISIP Advanced Reading assessment. Students using the Istation program receive a Lexile student measure every time they take the ISIP comprehension subtest.

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Istation is an award-winning e-learning program used by more than four million students across the world. Known for its accurate assessments, engaging curriculum and trusted teacher tools, Istation helps students in prekindergarten through 12th grade achieve academic growth. The Istation program is available in reading, math and Spanish. Since its founding in 1998, the Dallas-based company has seen tremendous growth. Istation's animated program is now helping students learn to read and grow academically in 48 states and several countries.

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MetaMetrics is focused on improving education for learners of all ages and ability levels. The organization develops scientific measures of academic achievement and complementary technologies that link assessment results with real-world instruction. MetaMetrics' products and services for reading (The Lexile® Framework for Reading, El Sistema Lexile® para Leer), mathematics (The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics) and writing (The Lexile® Framework for Writing) provide unique insights about academic ability and the potential for growth, enabling individuals to achieve their goals at every stage of development. Connect with the organization at:

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