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Engaging English¿ Service

July 21, 2010 07:00 ET

MetaMetrics Launches Engaging English Service

New Service for English Language Learners Uses Lexile Measures to Personalize Reading Practice, Monitor Progress

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwire - July 21, 2010) -  MetaMetrics® has launched what it describes as the next generation of reading practice for English language learners. The Engaging English™ service offers a highly personal and interactive learning environment that enables individuals to strengthen their English language skills by reading online articles on their preferred topics. It is unique from other language learning services in that it uses Lexile® measures, a score that matches individuals with articles that complement their reading level and monitors their progress.

"The Engaging English service makes reading on the Web a genuine learning experience, enabling individuals to better manage their reading practice in a more intuitive and fun way," said MetaMetrics President and co-founder Malbert Smith III, Ph.D. "The most effective way to develop reading skills is constant practice. The Engaging English service makes that practice more efficient and accessible by using Lexile measures to match individuals with broad online content they want and should be able to read."

The Engaging English service is available exclusively and affordably as a six-month subscription in ETS's new TOEFL® Value Packs, discounted packages of TOEFL preparation and skill-building resources. The service is intended to be used regularly by language learners to help them prepare for the TOEFL Reading test as well as the English language reading demands they will likely encounter in their academic, professional and life pursuits. It combines the following features to help individuals achieve their reading goals:

  • Lexile-leveled Article Searches. Using an individual's Lexile measure, the Engaging English service makes daily reading recommendations from a continuously expanding selection of online articles. All reading recommendations match both the user's interests and ability level, which helps to support more engaging and successful reading experiences and the development of English language reading skills. Users can either enter a recent TOEFL iBT™ Reading section score or take a placement test to establish their starting Lexile measure.
  • Integrated Assessments. The Engaging English service seamlessly blends on-demand, targeted reading practice with embedded Lexile-based assessments to provide individuals with immediate progress updates and to gradually increase the difficulty of recommended articles as their English reading ability level improves.
  • Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring. By providing access to compelling statistics and graphical reports, the Engaging English service encourages individuals to actively monitor their reading practice and to read more often as they progress toward self-defined goals.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access. The Engaging English service is easily accessible 24/7 from any computer or device with Internet access and a supported browser.

"The Engaging English service personalizes the learning experience by connecting English language learners with current online texts that are matched with their individual reading abilities and interests," said Philip Tabbiner, Ph.D., president, ETS Global. "We are excited to offer this resource in our TOEFL Value Packs to provide test takers with a valuable tool to help them master the English language."

A Lexile measure indicates both an individual's English reading ability level and the text complexity of English materials on the same developmental scale. Lexile measures help individuals select high-interest books, articles and other texts that will provide an appropriate level of challenge for their reading level and goals. Lexile measures are expressed as numbers followed by an "L" (for example, 1050L) and range from below 200L for beginning English readers and texts to above 1700L for advanced English readers and texts.

Last year, MetaMetrics and ETS began offering TOEFL test takers the ability to match a TOEFL Reading section score with a Lexile measure at Linking a TOEFL Reading section score with a Lexile measure helps individuals practice reading English language materials more efficiently to improve their skills and better prepare for advanced academic coursework. The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English language assessment worldwide. It is currently used by more than 7,500 colleges and universities in more than 130 countries.

For additional information on the Engaging English service, visit To learn more about the TOEFL test and the TOEFL Value Packs, visit

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MetaMetrics, an educational measurement and research organization, develops scientific measures of academic achievement and complementary instructional technologies that enable individuals to attain their learning goals. The organization created the widely adopted Lexile measure, the standard for matching readers with texts. Lexile measures help learners of all ages strengthen their reading skills by connecting them with reading materials that provide the right level of challenge for their abilities and goals.

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