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September 08, 2010 12:46 ET

Metaswitch Sees Multicore Boom

Customers Increasingly Deploying Metaswitch Network Technologies Products on Multicore Systems; Recent Customer Adoptions Using Cavium Networks' OCTEON Processors Illustrate Trend

LONDON--(Marketwire - September 8, 2010) -  Multicore processors are increasingly used throughout the network, in 3G and 4G (LTE) radio access network (RAN) devices, in access and aggregation devices, in edge routers, and in session border controllers. This is driven by exploding performance requirements for both data throughput and processing per packet. Accordingly, designers are turning to multicore processors for power, area and cost-efficient designs. As a result, Metaswitch is seeing a boom in multicore applications, as its communications equipment customers exploit the benefits of the company's N-BASE network architecture to efficiently build multicore systems.

The N-BASE is a platform abstraction layer and toolset that has been at the heart of Metaswitch's approach to portability for over 20 years, and is proven as a delivery vehicle for network technologies across a huge range of platforms, operating systems and processors. The N-BASE is particularly well-matched to multiprocessor and multicore platforms, as it provides the capability to distribute core protocol code processing across multiple processors or cores in a flexible and efficient manner.

"The N-BASE is really suited to multicore network processors like Cavium's OCTEON®," said Jon Berger, core development manager in Metaswitch's Network Technologies Division. "You can run a single product component on one core, or multiple components on multiple cores - all without changes to the core code. It all just falls out of the N-BASE architecture. And it does so in a very efficient manner. For example, you can run eight cores with nearly linear speedup."

"We've worked with Metaswitch on a number of high-profile communications equipment customer developments recently," said Tasha Castañeda, senior strategic alliance manager at Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM). "And we've been impressed by how well their code maps to the multicore environment, and how well it exploits our scalable, high-performance, and low-power processor solutions. The results show scalable throughput for our customers' network communications equipment."

Metaswitch has developed portable network protocol source code based on its N-BASE network architecture for over twenty years. The company's industry leading MPLS, IP Routing (unicast and multicast), VoIP / IMS and Session Border Controller (SBC) solutions are architected to handle the scale and reliability requirements of the most demanding applications while providing extensibility and a full-feature set. The portability and feature richness of the N-BASE protocol products, plus superb engineering and exceptional support, provide communications suppliers with an unrivaled technical solution that reduces engineering cost and greatly improves time to market.

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