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January 14, 2014 08:00 ET

Metavera Announces Lock 'n Track™ -- a New, Low-Cost, Convenient Way to Manage Shared Car Access and Tracking

Car Sharing Companies Can Save 50% or More of the Cost of Enabling Vehicles for Sharing, Eliminate Professional Installation Effort, and Cut Installation Time to Minutes With Lock 'n Track™

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2014) - Metavera (Toronto, ON, Canada) today announced Lock 'n Track™, a vehicle access and control system that works in conjunction with Metavera's car sharing platform.

Lock 'n Track is a two part system. Part one, the "Lock", refers to an electronic lockbox containing the key of the shared vehicle. The lockbox can be securely hung from a closed car window. When a borrower is scheduled to pick up the vehicle, they receive an SMS message with a time limited security code for its lockbox. All they need do is enter the code to open the box, remove the key and drive.

Part two of the system, "Track," refers to a GPS module that is easily connected to the car's on-board diagnostics (OBD) system. No professional installation is needed. This device provides car tracking information to Metavera's industry leading car sharing platform. Tony Simopoulos, CEO of Metavera, said, "Lock 'n Track provides a lower cost, albeit lower functionality, alternative to our car sharing solution. It extends the utility of our car sharing platform and it's fit to markets such as peer -to-peer car sharing."

Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door™, a peer-to-peer car sharing operation in Sydney, Australia utilizing the Metavera platform, said that "Lock 'n Track brings us several new benefits. It reduces our cost of enablement per car by 50% or more. It allows for easy installation and removal without professional effort and without damage to the vehicle. It will allow us to rapidly grow our business throughout Australia without needing a large corps of auto electricians."

About Car Next Door™

Car Next Door is the first car sharing platform in Australia to let people share their cars by the hour or day with their neighbors whilst continuing to use them themselves. Said Will Davies, CEO, "We envision neighborhoods in five to ten years' time where the vast majority of people don't have to own a car, and can share the cars of the ten to fifteen car owners who live within a 100m walk from their home. Once our network hits this type of critical mass, there will be a massive 'de car-ing' of metropolitan Australia, which will bring huge environmental and community benefits (e.g. less congestion and pollution, less need to allocate land for parking spots, and higher public transport adoption)." For more information visit the Car Next Door website at or by contacting

About Metavera

Metavera is a car sharing Technology Company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Its products have been adopted in the retail car sharing industry (e.g. ZazCar, Brazil), p2p car sharing (e.g. Car Next Door, Australia), corporate fleet sharing (e.g. Co-Wheels, UK), and in rental car businesses extending their services into car sharing (e.g. Enterprise CarShare®, USA). Metavera has delivered solutions utilizing a SaaS (Software as a Service) model for over a decade to a rapidly growing number of clients in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Its solutions can be explored on its website at or by contacting

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