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Method123 Ltd

November 23, 2010 11:15 ET

Method123 Announces the Release of Their New Acceptance Form Template for Project Management

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2010) - Project management software industry leader Method123 has just announced the release of their newest template – the Acceptance Form.

The Acceptance Form template is part of Method123's Project Management Kit – a very full featured suite of more than fifty Project Management Templates designed to put the project manager in complete control of his projects.

"Our Online Project Management Kit product was designed solely with the duties of the project manager in mind," states Jason Westland, CEO and co-founder of Method123 Ltd. "It's designed by project managers for project managers. We've taken our collective experiences in project management and built this suite of templates to cover just about every form, Project Plan, process, and document needed by the project manager to successfully oversee their projects."

The Acceptance Form is part of the overall deliverable and testing acceptance process. The form allows the project manager and project team to capture deliverable data, dates, and timelines and provides a mechanism for systematically and officially getting customer acceptance and signoff on each project deliverable. Official signoff is critical on projects as it leaves nothing to chance. With this form, you can officially document that your deliverable was accepted by the customer and when – leaving nothing to question if further discussions or issues arise.

"You always hope everything goes smoothly with your customer and while almost all projects have issues, most customers are pretty easy to work with," says Westland. "But there are always those few instances where a customer may present a problem or question something – or even take a legal action. Having documented approval is critical – there's no replacement for that."

With the Acceptance Form, the project manager and team can:

  • Plan for the acceptance of each project deliverable
  • Identify the necessary roles and responsibilities for all participants
  • Document the results of the acceptance process for each deliverable or test process
  • Provide a decision point for acceptance
  • Capture official approvals and signoffs of deliverables and testing activities

"The project manager's top goal is always customer satisfaction," says Jason. "We can't ever guarantee that satisfaction, no matter what we do. There are often too many variables to control everything. But we can work on the incremental project successes throughout the engagement. And for the project manager, that's successfully delivering on each and every expected project deliverable in a timely and efficient manner that will hopefully please the customer. Do that and your chances for project success is much higher. Having a process in place to document all of that is critical to your Project Management Methodology."

Method123's Project Management Kit contains over fifty critical project planning tools and is designed to make swift work of creating the necessary documents that every project manager faces. Having sold more than 1 million units worldwide, it's clear that project managers everywhere are becoming aware of it's powerful potential to give them better control of the projects they manage.

The Acceptance Form template is available for purchase and download separately or as part of the Project Management Kit. For more information on Method123's products, please visit their website at

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